1. Peter Michaels

    Black rubber pipe hanging loose under body

    Hello i noticed to day a finger-thick black rubber pipe hanging down underneath the body, just next to the left of the right rear wheel. I haven't noticed this before, the pipe is about 1/4 of an inch thick and hangs down maybe 6 inches. But i cant see where it connects. I hope its nothing...
  2. RyanMuller

    Properly random question: Hanging a part on wall which has female thread

    Please delete
  3. I

    Utter Heap, 126 TD conv - hanging.

    mercedes w126 380SE Turbodiesel conversion | eBay Ok, eye of the beholder! How have they got that turbo into a RHD? Never mind, what a mess. Who's bidding?
  4. Chrishazle

    Win7 Hanging on Boot, ?Marvell Driver Problem

    I'm having seven bells of nightmare with my PC, hoping someone can help. Due to continual freezing, I ended up doing a clean reinstall of Win7 Home Premium yesterday - and was surprised when, after the BIOS recognised both physical hard drives, Win only saw the C drive - and at 356Gig rather...
  5. MickyP64

    Hanging Doors On A Car - Advice?

    I’m planning to replace all the rusting doors on my 06 plate A Class. I have a full set of replacement doors in excellent condition sourced from two different donor cars (crash salvage - both cars manufactured in 2011). Of course all doors are the same paint code as my car (191 Cosmos Black) so...
  6. P

    Flappy plastic bit hanging down under engine

    Seems to be some sort of plastic cover. Few inches wide. Hanging down under engine. What is it? Seems to clip back up but doesnt stay....
  7. marc.l

    Things hanging from rear view mirror

    On my morning walk could not believe how many people have so much stuff hanging from the rear view mirror ! One car locally the guy has worry beads, pair of boxing gloves, air freshner , religious medallion and a smallish picture of his kids . I bet 50% of the cars had some thing dangling in the...
  8. D

    Hanging up the Keys

    I'm just watching a program on BBC1 about older drivers hanging up the keys. It's all very interesting, not least as these are issues that we are facing at the moment. My grandfather is 94 and lives on the South Coast, miles and hours away from any other family member. He's a very...
  9. Ade B

    Thinking of hanging up the leathers

    No this isn't an S&M thread... more of early mid life crisis :D My bike, a BMW R1100SS is getting less and less use and is sitting in the drive waiting for a long overdue clean, service and brake refurb.. MOT is due in March as is insurance renewal.. I use it fairly regularly for going to...
  10. S

    HELP- pc keeps hanging

    Hi I loaded a scanner driver yesterday, which I later found was incompatible with vista :mad::doh: Now the pc hangs when trying to shut down, but also when trying to go into the backup & restore centre & also when going into 'uninstall programmes' mode. Hence, I am unable to get anywhere. I get...
  11. D

    Hanging a horseshoe

    I was looking for a decorative horseshoe yesterday. Was told.... Hanging it splines upward is talisman good luck - nothing new Hanging it splines downward is talisman bad luck - nothing new Hanging it splines upward, the devil will sit on it - new. So hang it sideway - new, is this true...
  12. jeffwebb

    Keeps Hanging

    I realise this is a hard one to pin down but, I have a Pentium4 3.4 with 1 Gig of Ram running XP pro, IE7, Norton Security etc. The damn thing keeps hanging for no apparent reason and at no particular time. Running normally it hangs about every 1 - 2 hours. Playing games like Tomb Raider, even...
  13. A

    Bring Back Hanging

    some delightful little bas**rds decided to break into our 230TE last night...... We got home from a gig about midnight, went inside and sat down for 10 minutes to drank a beer, then deciding to take the dog out for a walk and empty my gear out of the car I went back outside only to find the...
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