1. JohnDavies

    Bound to happen??

    Uber suspends self-driving car program after bizarre accident Uber suspends self-driving car program after bizarre accident ? BGR
  2. Rosso1

    Whats happen to you while your at work or a funny story

    I thought i would share a funny story while at work. I called in a company to collect some of our vehicles that where due to go out for climate tests. So the company in question sent in two vehicles transported with multi decks enclosed. The first lorry arrived at least a hour before the...
  3. lisa110rry

    What a lovely thing to happen!

    Today I gave my little green car a nice wash (it's been three weeks as we've been on holiday for a week). This was because I wanted the car to be nice and clean to take a friend to Southport for a social get together, taxis being so pricey. Anyhoo, I've just been back to pick her up to bring...
  4. SG1

    This wasn't meant to happen!

    A couple of days ago I went somewhere to collect something. I saw this 126 parked in the corner and asked if it was for sale and the reply was yes. I had a look at it and half an hour later agreed to buy it. It's had one owner since new until around two years ago and also has the original...
  5. U

    How did this happen?

    We had gone over a bump on the way home, probably a can, and then just fell asleep. A day later, I go outside and see this. It's all fixed now, but just thought I would share it. FYI, the alloys aren't 24", they are 20".
  6. M

    47 Today....how'd that happen!:)

    Time seems to whizzzzzz along....47 years in a blink of eye! Lifes good:D
  7. K

    Does it only happen to this country?

    Sorry if I am being ignorant here?? Whenever we have some rain, half the country get flooded, just watched the news and found out Datchet in Berkshire is like Venice. When we get the snow, again half the country roads blocked up. A few years ago , some train services were cancelled...
  8. B

    Why would this happen ???

    My S320 is used mainly on weekends. The battery is brand new and I am not experiencing any problems regarding battery drain. My problem (if you can call it that) only seems to occur if I connect my Ctek charger for a quick top up. The charger shows 3 lights which becomes 4 ie 80% charge...
  9. N

    How did that happen....

    ...at the beginning of April we had never had a Mercedes Benz in the family. Now we have two. The C63 Coupe with PP+ and then, after our visit to the dealers for the LSD oil change the other half bought an ML350 CDi So, apart from the 'shed' (2004 Passat) that I use for work we...
  10. M

    Can this happen

    Car started to run very rough. Checked the HT leads and found No3 was not clip on properly when I pulled it. Clipped it back on and started to run smooth for its age. Can HT lead come off in normal use or was it the fault of the mobile mechanic who serviced it I must admit it did not run rough...
  11. Jay Jenner

    Never thought it would happen

    got to 30 posts now i can pm if i see a car i want (kinda got my eye on a nice E55 amg but not sure i can justify it)
  12. mark_le_b

    When did W211 E500 increase in capacity happen??

    Can anybody tell me when the E500 moved to the larger (and more powerful) engine? I think it was 2006 sometime?? Thanks
  13. D

    How does this happen?

    Back in November (4th) on a particularly long and unpleasant day I parked on High Street at Orpington. I remember being surprised at the free on-street parking. Forward on to today when a parking ticket arrives for said parking and not paying and displaying. I'm thoroughly confused. I'm...
  14. markjay

    Riots... it did happen

    After all that have been said and done (well, mainly said), and now that the riots are becoming a distant memory, and the discussion is about leniency towards those caught, and about 'the causes of crime' and 'alienated underclass', and so on.... just some footage from 16th August, a reminder...
  15. M

    Is a CL (W215) a BIG MISTAKE about to happen?

    I love these things...:devil: Now I have seen them for around 8.5K with FSH... I am looking at the 2003 facelift version (less faults/no rust??? - Is that true? Or shall I get a 01/02 pre-facelift) However how bad are these? OK I know about ABC is that the only big issue? Looking on ECP...
  16. 3 phase

    Could only happen here in Spain

    I heard this the other day on the radio and nearly drove off the road laughing. To be honest it isn't so much funny as barmy!!:confused::confused::doh::eek: http://www.typicallyspanish.com/news/pu ... 0408.shtml
  17. ringway

    Panorama. It shouldn't happen at a Vet's.

    LINK to the latest edition of Panorama on iPlayer. Sickening. :mad:
  18. N

    Would this happen to your Mercedes

    YouTube - Car Accident (old lady) Funny
  19. K

    18inch Alloys What Is Going To Happen?

    Hi All, My tyres arrived today whilst I was at work. Now have: 2 x 255/35/18 FALKEN 452 2 x 225/40/18 FALKEN 452 4 x AMG II 18inch Alloys :) I will be getting these put on tommorow fingers crossed and now am starting to get a little jittery as the wheels and tyres look massive. Will...
  20. F

    Free Insurance - Yes it does happen.

    As the insurance was due on my mo'bike(s) (and was dead against renewing with Mrs Nash after she charged me 32 quid for a change of bike on one policy) I quickly found myself looking at ebike insurance. I didn't need to look any further because I took out a std fully comp policy for the FJ1200...
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