1. B

    Strange thing happened today

    My s212 e63 threw a wobbly today. There was suddenly quite a lot of vibration thru the drivetrain under medium acceleration. Engine light has come on. I pulled over, stopped the engine and before calling recovery I decided to start it up again and check under the bonnet for anything obvious...
  2. V

    Doink! It's finally happened...

    So after months of parking miles away from any other car in a car park to avoid getting my doors or bodywork dented, I was driving out of the petrol station forcourt tonight between two parked cars that were filling up, when Doink! the passenger in the car to my right opened her door and belted...
  3. MB-BTurbo

    Cars in garage, whats happened in this picture to the CV?

    I had my CV joint replaced a few months ago. When they fitted it the clip was done up tight enough and it spilled a lot of grease. Fortunately I spotted it quickly and took it back where the repacked it and retightened it. Recently the car has been making some weird noises when accelerating at...
  4. lisa110rry

    A really lovely thing happened to me today...

    On Saturday, I washed, polished and generally titivated the outside of my little green car to within an inch of its life, then drove 30 miles round trip to a lovely garden centre. Yesterday it rained heavily and I was pleased to see the water beaded up quite nicely. For seventeen years old she...
  5. DannyHall

    So this happened finally

    Finally managed to get through the running in period. The journey home from the Trafford centre was a lot more fun than the journey to yesterday! All under the speed limit, obviously. The noise it puts out for a little 2.0L is fantastic! Perhaps a little early for a full review but loving it...
  6. MangoMan

    What's happened to Ian B Walker..?

    Sent him a message quite a while ago as he did have, or has my old w124-300E/24m but heard nothing since.?? Anybody know anything? Thanks.
  7. gunning

    What ever happened to rude mercs?

    Remember about 10/12 years ago when I was about 11 ish seeing my neighbours rude mercs. He had 2 190e's and one with evo2 kit. At the time it was the best thing ever. I suspect now it would look utter tat. Who had them and any photos/ info? What happened to them?
  8. M

    WTF has happened to this w126 sec?

    Barryboys.co.uk ? View topic - WFS Turkish Mercedes 560 SEC
  9. zoros

    Funny thing happened on the way to the.....

    Went out for a sunday newspaper, road was wet, came round a corner under full control in the sl55 amg and floored it a little to agressively. ESP took over and cut the revs. Now the interesting bit. Rev counter went mad for about half a second (I guess because the drive was taken away from it by...
  10. E

    Something strange happened to new car

    Hi everyone. I've now done 2000 miles in my new E350. When I was leaving work in Friday I started her up then locked up my office. I proceeded to drive down the Farm road and noticed it didn't change gear. Now I only travel at 10 mph as its a stone road ( half a mile long ) once in the road it...
  11. sspeed

    A strange thing happened . . . .

    Last weekend I went for a GTG on the other forum at The Haynes museum in Sparkford... After the meetup I stayed overnight at a certain Mr developers house.. The following morning he accidentally had a page open on his laptop.. He not so subtly kept dropping hints and put temptation my way.. I...
  12. abecketts

    A "funny" thing happened on the way to the palace

    and no it's not footie related. Alongside working in the office I run a vineyard and I was daft enough to take on the chairmanship of the national trade association for vineyards. Through the post comes an invite to a Garden Party as we have a royal patron, Mrs aBecketts is in new dress...
  13. B

    Whats happened to my wheels?

    Can someone more learned than me advise what has causes the marbling on the rim off the alloy? I have just had my wheels put on again after a spell with MB and 2 of the tyres have obtained this strange appearance (see photo) I have tried to wipe off and appear to be under the lacquer. Any ideas...
  14. Silver CL55

    What happened to MBGURU website?

    Has it moved or closed?
  15. J

    Nothing happened

    I had a completely uneventful journey to Germany and back on the weekend. I know a lot of the time posts on forums are asking for help or pointing out defects so I thought I would buck the trend and just say nothing happened. OK so half an hour before I was scheduled to depart I found a flat...
  16. W

    What happened to the car magazine article that stripped cars?

    Does anyone else remember the car magazine, that would have an article where they took a second hand car and stripped it down to nearly every nut and bolt? They'd have a nice photo of all the parts neatly laid out on the floor. The article would then describe how they thought the car had worn...
  17. C

    Whats happened here?

    Went to wash my car, hadnt done it for a while and found this :eek: Had noticed the edges were wearing but not this bad. Is the mark just wear or has it hit something that has cut the tyre? Have ordered new tyres but thinking the alignment needs checking too?
  18. sinewave

    Well, it's finally happened!

    Inlet Shut off motors fecked! :rolleyes: Is the most cost effective solution the 'Alex Crow' Jam open the butterflies and shove a resistor in the lead route or is there other recommendations? :confused:
  19. guydewdney

    what happened to the missing model numbers?

    ok - w202 followed by 203 204 205 s class was w126 w140 w220/215 etc whats a w200? a w127? a w141?
  20. I

    What happened here

    Hello 10 day owner of W164 sport with DSR/Height, Sport/Comfort settings Driving along a uneven roller coaster type road surface, I slowed to 20-25mph engine revving at 2/2.2k but seemed to not want to change up when I wanted to accelerate, carried on at said speed. Had to stop to turn...
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