1. B

    wahey, I'm now hardcore!

    Just made my 100th post, so now a hardcore enthusiast! Well I never! :bannana:
  2. R

    Only 4 more posts and I'll be a 'Hardcore MB Enthusiast'

    That's pretty exciting for a Thursday evening. I'm guessing that OT posts don't count though...
  3. arkamelis

    wow now, Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    part of the team now lads :thumb:
  4. D

    I graduated to Hardcore MB Enthusiast!

    How did it happened? I remember seeing New Member before. Thanks.:bannana:
  5. Thmsshaun

    Hardcore 202! Not for the faint hearted

    Just been getting some more ideas for the car lol. :devil: Dont panic I dont need carting off in a straight jacket just yet. I do like the rear light clusters. The bonnet and headlights. Think it gives a newer look. Other than that :rolleyes: View at own risk :eek:
  6. vito113

    French go Trés Hardcore on Speeding

    Just been reading through the AA website before I jolly off dans le Continent and have just seen that the French Police as well as handing out very stiff fines will now confiscate 'on-the-spot' the licenses of any EU Driving Licence Holders they catch doing more than 25kph over the limit...
  7. Fudger


    Guys, I have just noticed I have become a 'Hardcore' member :bannana: Just wondered what the levels were and at what stage your status changes? By the way, I mentioned it to the better half and she burst out laughing just when I was feeling reasonably chuffed with myself...she does know...
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