1. E

    R129 hardtop stand x 2

    Forgot about these... I have two R129 hardtop stands but no R129, so they must go. One is an Inka stand just like the ones on Ebay (I can't seem to get a link uploaded I'm afraid) which I only used for about a month, then dismantled and put back in the box. The other one is almost...
  2. M

    W113 pagoda hardtop trim

  3. S

    For sale MB SL R129 Hardtop Stand - Heavy Duty - MINT

    Selling my SL R129 heavy duty hardtop stand, in mint condition Just renewed the foam support cushions so as good as new. See link for lots of pics and full description Mercedes Benz SL R129 Hardtop Stand (Heavy Duty Panoramic Glass version) | eBay Sorry there is only 8 hours left to bid.
  4. D

    Mercedes W124 A124 E Cabriolet Convertible Wiesmann Hardtop

    Mercedes W124 A124 E Cabriolet Convertible Wiesmann Hardtop | eBay
  5. amar

    W124 hardtop on ebay

  6. Vintage Racer

    R129 Hardtop Hoist - Anybody used/using one?

    Looking for a Hardtop hoist for my R129 (Pano Roof). Anyone used one of these, or have any other suggestions: Mercedes-Benz SL Removable Hardtop Storage Hoist | The SL Shop I have plenty of headroom in the garage, but not much space for a Hardtop Stand! Cheers Glynn
  7. E

    Wanted Hardtop Mercedes SL 450 R107 ASAP

    Hi everyone, If you have some information about who wants to sell the hardtop, please let me know. You can reach me at 07376101442 or email me at [email protected]. Thanks mate! cheers!
  8. D

    mercedes 500 sl w107 hardtop ice blue lady owner private plate air con leather 2+2

    KVG 545 kavanagh SAS SOS n mercedes w107 500 sl 102k fsh 2+2 n aircon no plate | eBay
  9. stevenchu

    Wanted R107 fan switch/ steel wheel/ hardtop

    Hi any got a hardtop , fan switch, 14' steel wheel pls page me.prefer if you in north west but would travel
  10. K

    Any Diffrence Between 209 Covertible vs Hardtop Rear Bumper

    Hi Guys, got myself a Covertible CLK 209 (2003), it needs a new rear bumper as it has a crack. Does anyone know if the convertible and coupe rear bumpers are interchangable? i have seen a few breaking in the same colour so hope to save myself some headache... and money thanks for...
  11. E

    R129 hardtop rear screen replacement

    The hardtop came off yesterday, and hurrah! the soft top still works perfectly. Time now to get the undamaged rear screen (£700 :eek:) off the eBay hardtop (£51, and yes, I'm too honest to claim on the insurance...) and replace the cracked one in the good hardtop. Can anyone tell me how...
  12. S

    Vario hardtop

    Hi, I have a 1999 slk230. Does anyone know what part of the system tells the roof its ok to retract once the boot has opened. The boot opens fine, the front roof latches disengage fine quarterlite windows go down and that is where it all stops, Hydraulic pump seems to be fine with no leaks from...
  13. M

    R129 sl panoramic glass hardtop

    Still have my old hardtop available thought I'd better start a new thread as I sold my rims. Colour azurite blue exterior, alpaca grey interior. Inside is fantastic condition as are all of the trims, glass, folding blind, heated rear window etc. The paintwork has some paint bubbling in the...
  14. Sean380SL

    Mercedes R107 Hardtop

    Hey all, I'm looking for a hardtop for my 1985 Mercedes 380SL before the winter arrives. If anyone has got one to sell I'd love to hear from you. My email is [email protected]
  15. E

    R129 hardtop stand

    I need a hardtop stand for my soon-to-be-collected R129. I am minded to buy an Inka item off t' Bay of cheap and cheerful. Can anyone endorse this maker's kit as satisfactory (or not), or recommend any particular make/type I should look at as well/instead. OOOOH, I'm so excited...
  16. Sean380SL

    Mercedes R107 Hardtop

    Hi all, I'm looking for a hardtop for my 1985 380SL, pref in fairly good condition, but i will be renovating and painting. Anyone any ideas where i can pick one up? looked on ebay etc. Much appreciated for any advice! S.
  17. S

    Buying SL280 R129 - No Hardtop??

    Hi all, First post here as hopefully a soon to be owner of an R129 SL. I've seen what appears to be a cracking 2001 SL280 special edition in dark green with beige leather. It's being bought from a trader and the only downside is there is no hardtop with the car. Is this a big issue? I presume...
  18. L

    Sl R129 hardtop

    Hi does anyone know if hardtop from a 1998 model sl fits on a 1993 model sl320
  19. jonnyboy

    129 hardtop

    Hardtop in pale blue, with broken rear screen(still watertight) and brand new packaged replacement screen included. Offers
  20. A

    Wanted - w113 pagoda hardtop

    Dear MB Club Members This is my first post here and I am hoping someone can help? I am looking to find a HARDTOP for a 1966 RHD Pagoda. Can be anywhere and any condition! I hope someone can email or PM me with anything that springs to mind. Many thanks and I enjoy the posts. Kind...
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