1. garycat

    Hardwiring phone & dashcam into a C204/W204 ?

    I've recently bought a 2014 C Class Coupe and would like to hardwire the phone mount and perhaps a dashcam. The phone mount is the excellent Brodit centre mount but the lead trails down to the 12v socket at the moment. I want the phone mounted there because I use the sat nav from...
  2. S

    Hardwiring W216 / W221 - Negative Terminal?

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to hardwire a GPS camera location alert device (Cheetah C550) to my left hand side fuse box on my W216 CL500. I have done it as follows; but it doesn't work. I suspect that its not getting an earth from the panel I have attached the black lead to; I...
  3. P

    XM Radio Power Hardwiring

    Plan on getting XM Radio, only think about the S320 console is the cigarette lighter is in a bad place (interferes with shifting with huge charger in). So was wondering, would it be a big job to re route some power from somewhere else? XM Requires 6 volts and i think standard power in car is...
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