1. nick mercedes

    harmless fun or google cashing in on suffering?

    "Google is facing angry criticism for allowing "absolutely disgusting" violent games based on the bombing of Gaza to be hosted on its Play app store." Bomb Gaza: the 'disgusting' games on Google's app store - Telegraph
  2. camerafodder

    A bit of harmless fun

    This made me smile http://www.thatvideosite.com/video/ice_cream_performance
  3. pammy

    Don't anyone ever tell me spiders are harmless!!

    EATEN BY HIS PET SPIDERS Feb 27 2004 Cops' macabre find in flat From Allan Hall In Berlin SPIDERMAN Mark Voegel became a gruesome feast for the creepy-crawlies he loved. They devoured his body after he got a lethal bite from his favourite pet Bettina - a deadly Black Widow. More...
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