1. Y

    R129 Wiring Harness

    I am looking at purchasing a 1994 R129 SL320 which is right in with the production run that had the dreaded biodegradeable wiring. The car is a distance away and everything else appears to be in well documented order, however there is no evidence of the wiring being replaced. Attached are some...
  2. P

    SL500 1994 non start after harness replacement

    Hi all, helped a friend replaced the upper engine harness on his 1994 SL500. The original was falling to bits and although the car was running pretty well with just the occasional lumpy idle ... it was a matter of time. Sent the loom to Sileck who appear to have done a first class job...
  3. D

    CLC 2008 (CL203) Wiring Harness possibly damage causing U0101 & Limp Mode

    Help and advice would be very much appreciated. Having some automatic transmission issue causing the car to go Limp mode. Car would drive but 30min into drive and the gear indicator and driving mode (P,N,R, D & C,S,M) in dash would disappear and reappear intermittently but would end up...
  4. R

    W211 injector wiring harness

    Hi all I've owned my 2008 2.1 e220 auto for 5 weeks now & in random times it's went into limp mode, put the engine check light on, ran rough on idle or rough just plodding around. These happened some together, some not & at total random times. The garage are getting it sorted under warranty but...
  5. E

    722.6 wiring harness

    Hi, im going to check the wiring harness for signs of damage tomorrow, does anyone know of any weak points? Or should i completly remove the harness to check it over? My ml is in limp mode and showing 0 resistance between pin 15 and 38 on the etc plugs. Thanks
  6. Z

    Help with indentifying cable on m104 engine harness

    I need help to identifying a cable that are connected to e main connector for the engine harness it's a coxial cable and i have tried to take a picture where its goin. But i haven't been able to find the end postition of it i have taken a picture from where it's start and where it's goin...
  7. RichardF

    Rear lap belt wanted R129 or swap 3 point harness

    Hi I'm after a rear lapbelt for an R129 SL in black if anyone has one? I've a 3 point harness in the back on the passenger side (works with child seats) that I'm happy to swap. It looks genuine MB, the fittings match and it uses the original socket.
  8. K

    Engine harness fried

    Hello all, I recently pick myself up a 1996 Mercedes C220 for $500. I practicaly bought it sight unseen and without doing any research, turns out I got a lemon. Car fired up perfectly fine, drove, stopped did it all but with a slight stutter. Thinking it was just a MAF I started to do some...
  9. I

    C200 W202 Wiring harness

    Hi, Unfortunately, I got into the statistics of faulty wiring harness.. Can someone help me with MB part number? as well I understand that there are 2 sets of harnesses - the main and the one that connects to the coil.. Can someone refer me to a decent supplier? Thanks!
  10. M

    W124 220 engine harness

    need the engine loom if anyone has one?
  11. G

    w211 add wiring harness for power sunshade t

    Hello to all I own a E320 cdi elegance full option except power sunshade and have acquired every thing OEM is needed to add this option by my problem is that here in Albania my local dealers don't have any ideas to retrofit it so I did everything but the plugin isn't there It's been one week...
  12. manofgresley

    Wiring Harness

    Hi all. My son has recently bought me new KENWOOD DAB radio for my car, which is a 2001, CLK 320 (W208) The car has had what looks like the original basic Mercedes Stereo 10 head in it, though the volume control on the steering wheel as never worked. Before i wire in my new stereo...
  13. M

    W124 harness issues

    Just wondering if the crumbling loom of an m111 is the only harness issue in a w124. I am currently rebuilding my harness with new connections and wires but I am wondering do any other looms in the car suffer with this silly carry on.
  14. richard300

    W140 Later wiring harness - When from?

    I read many conflicting opinions on when the biodegradable wiring loom was replaced on the W140. Some say anything after 1995, others say anything after mid 1996 and others say anything after 1997. Some say that if the later climate control is fitted, then its a car with an updated loom, and...
  15. M

    W124 220 engine harness wanted

    Just putting this out to the masses as has anyone got one of these harnesses in good condition preferably the upgraded harness. Thanks in advance for the help
  16. M

    W124 220 engine harness wanted

    Just putting this out to the masses as has anyone got one of these harnesses in good condition preferably the upgraded harness. Thanks in advance for the help
  17. reflexboy

    Need a rally harness

    I needed a new computer chair. Spur of the moment purchase!
  18. D

    w211 rear parking sensor harness.

    As above please. 2005 model estate.
  19. B

    Newbie Help!! S124 E220 Wiring harness

    Hi ive just bought a S124 Estate E220 With 135k drives like new but ive noticed as few problems I could use help with!! On starting its idles at 800rpm after warmup. On driving and returning to idle in park it idles at 1500rpm and never returns to normal idle speed. Looking at the harness...
  20. T

    For sale W202 Front wiring harness

    I bought this at considerable expense for my 1996 W202 Mercedes C280 Sport after reading horror stories about the wiring loom cooking in some models. I did not use it because some young urchin wrote off my vehicle. Genuine Mercedes Benz part no A 202 440 89 05. No use to me now and might help...
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