1. J

    15% Off at LTT Leathercare Harrogate.

    As thread states - 15% off all products at LTT Leathercare of Harrogate. Simply type in discount code ...SC15....when you check out.
  2. Levismerc

    W124 E220 1993 Harrogate £1200

    Mercedes w124 E220 1993 2.2 Auto Malachite Green with Palomino / Java interior Mot until end of July 2017 97822 miles – may increase slightly due to use. Alloy wheels. M111 2.2litre 16v engine. Antilock brakes. Electric sunroof. Electric windows x 4. Central locking – 3 keys...
  3. donshl

    Hotel Majestic, Harrogate, 27th December

    Hi all, Sorry for the very short notice, a few of us (with our significant others) are meeting at Hotel Majestic in Harrogate on the evening of the 27th. If anyone fancies a drink, more than welcome to join us, although the exact times will be posted up later on as I am driving up from...
  4. J

    LTT Leather Care Harrogate.

    I have secured us a 10% discount on all of the products at LTT Leather Care of Harrogate. LTT have been in the leather business for many years, from re- colouring, to protecting, to repairs etc, etc they know their stuff. Most of the products come from Scandinavia where most of the worlds...
  5. LTD


    Good people of the forum, this evening's entertainment shall be this : I have just booked a couple of nights in a hotel in Harrogate for me and Mrs. LTD. What are the good points of Harrogate and what is to be avoided ? I'm also on the hunt for a restaurant for a nice evening meal -...
  6. travelininstyle

    Mercedes Benz Harrogate Recommended.

    :thumb:Took my C Class Sports Coupe C18OK for its first 'B ' service today.I received an initial quote of around £330 - £350 from the dealer I purchased the car from (vat included).Rang Harrogate whom came in cheaper and negotiated with the service manager to include a necessary brake fluid...
  7. pammy

    Harrogate Cattleman's GTG

    following on from this http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=337524&posted=1#post337524 in partic kikkthecat's post about Cattleman's in Harrogate - a couple have suggested could be a fun gtg - so go one then - who'd be up for it;) Pammy - deffo:rock:
  8. pammy

    MB Harrogate - Accident cover

    Just got home to an ickle envelope from MB Harrogate. They're giving their customers free accident management cover. If you have a bump - you give them a call 24/7 and they will then ensure your insurance company get your Mercedes to them for proper repair rather than the insurers approved...
  9. portzy

    MBZ Harrogate?, Five Star!

    You'll know my dream car has had, shall we say, the odd gremlin like command shutting down, a couple of dash warnings, water leak in the boot, misaligned boot lid, noisy and erratic fan/s?. Well, I had my visit yesterday to MB Harrogate and, quite unexpectedly, I was met by the SM who spent a...
  10. pammy

    Moving something from Dagenham to Harrogate

    I wonder if anyone can help. I've seen something on ebay that is a proper bargain if I can get it at the right price but it's for buyer collection only due to size and weight. Prob weighs in the region of 90kg, with dimensions of 150cm x 90cm x 70cm - pure guesswork on that. Any ideas how...
  11. portzy

    SLK Open day/s MB Harrogate.

    Hello, I hope this is the right topic area, stick with it. When it was finally planned Pammy, and no doubt other local'ish members, and myself were expecting an invite to the above at MB Harrogate but as of this week nothing had materialised so I phoned them yesterday. Turns out it's this...
  12. pammy

    MB Harrogate

    Have just been down to my MB dealers for two things - wanted them to look at the Diamond Drite - didn't seem to be doing what it said on the tin and also at my alloys - which have started to pit on the front ones. Fantastic service - although they are sure the DB was put on - they're having...
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