1. J

    Harsh ride quality w211 knocking...

    Evening Ladies and Gentleman, I've got a 2006 Pre facelift E320cdi v6 7g I bought in March and it's been a PITA rotten brake pipes, broken rear springs, faulty turbo actuator, swirl flap issues etc etc. It's running sweet now [emoji108] However I have a knocking on rough and uneven surfaces...
  2. Palfrem

    Harsh gearchange G300 petrol

    Just had the gearbox oil changed in my 1994 G 300 auto Gear change is now quite harsh and clunky, you can really feel the cogs engage. Up and down. The garage have checked the level and all is well. Any ideas please? Many thanks
  3. K

    CL63 harsh downshifts

    my 08 CL63 downshifts into 3rd gear noticeably harsh and rigid. it downshifts fine if i manually selected 3rd down from 4th. it is better in C mode but it is annoying in S mode. is that normal? thanks.
  4. OBZ274

    W211 harsh ride

    Good evening This is my first post regarding my first MB car. It's a 2008 E320 sport that rides horribly on most roads. I have receipts for new rear springs fitted last year from non specialist, the rear looks too high to me compared with other e class. All tyres are new Goodyear F1's. Tyre...
  5. T

    W204 Harsh braking

    Wonder if anyone can advize, I have just test driven a C180 stop start blueefficiency 2012, and left a deposit, but on braking I noticed that they are very sensitive and any over pressure brings car to sudden stop. The private seller assures me that I am applying brakes too sharply, and he has...
  6. S

    Harsh gear change

    Hi the hear change from 1-2 sometimes is harsh, almost feels like the gear has just 'banged' in. The car will also pull off in 2nd instead of 1st-this is in s mode Any ideas? Its a 1999 w140 s320.
  7. R

    Harsh Gear Changes 2012 C180, getting the run around. Help!

    Hi All, I have an Automatic 2012 C180 Petrol with less than 8,000 miles on the clock that has pretty much from the day I bought it (7 months ago with 2500 miles) had a jerky downshift between 30mph -> 20mph from cold start. The problem goes away after the first couple of downshifts in this...
  8. C

    CL500 Harsh Suspension

    Hi Everyone, I have a CL500 with harsh suspension. There is no warning on the dash and the fluid level does not overflow. There are suggestions of accumulator issues but I would like to know if anyone has resolved their similar problem with new accumulators. I've seen a few owners posting...
  9. S

    Harsh ride

    I've had my W221 2008 S320 for almost a year now and over the past few months I've noticed a harsher and firm ride. I can feel all the bumps in the road and it feels like the dampening/absorbing components are not doing their job. When I go over bumps slowly, I can hear a sound, its hard to...
  10. M

    W124 E220 Harsh idle, not a thread about the loom, please see!

    Hello Everyone, I am a fairly new member here, and believe it or not since my last post i have been still "fixing" my E220 and its not funny anymore, i think its something small but cannot guess anymore, which i will say why. The problems started with the loom yes, and that has been rebuilt...
  11. Palfrem

    Seems a bit harsh...

    BBC News - Surfthechannel owner sentenced after piracy conviction I wonder if any of the banking fraternity will receive such a sentence? Mind you, a drunken lorry driver only got a few months for driving the wrong way on the M6. He could have killed.
  12. B

    Harsh Ride

    I have a 208 CLK convertible on a 52 plate. It runs on 17inch AMG wheels with low profile tyres that were on the car when I bought it last. The ride is very harsh and every bump in the road seems to shake through the car. Is this normal for this car or if not can anybody give me some idea what...
  13. S

    Can bad tyres cause a harsh ride?

    Hey guys, when I bought my car it was probably sitting on a farm for a little while. I've gotten my suspension checked out and everything seems in check and replaced a few parts. I've still got a harsh ride, and recently done a wheel alignment. About 60g and 50g were put on the rear tyres...
  14. Pumas25

    Harsh Downshifts

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and new to Mercs too! I bought my 2002 C220 CDI Auto in June last year. Since i have had it, the car has been brilliant, until i blew the gearbox on Friday!! :doh: Thats now fixed, new box and torque converter (£995.95 later!).. But this has left me thinking now, when...
  15. S

    Am I being a tad harsh

    On my travels today down Great Western road I stopped at the traffic lights as they were red. Along side me was a silver E270cdi (a damn fine car the silver 211 ;)) Anyway, the driver was reading the paper whilst sat at the lights. Am I being unfair in thinking this ranks as a silly thing...
  16. Aeromerc

    Improving ride comfort

    Hi all, my first post having bought a SportCoupe a couple of months ago. I had a good browse/search for similar topics but didn't find anything... I love the car, having upgraded from a cheap/old/ordinary make. But I'm finding the ride a bit irritating. It may be a function of the cr*p...
  17. BenzComander

    Very harsh gearchange

    Recently, the gearchange on our W210 E320 petrol has become very harsh. If, while driving you put your foot down to overtake, the next gear is selected with a real bang through the car. If you accelerate gently then the gear change is smooth. Also, when coming to a halt, it is noticeable...
  18. G-A-R-Y

    W210 rear suspension a bit harsh.

    My W210 estate has quite harsh/hard rear suspension. Whilst it was on the ramp for the MOT, I noticed what looked like a Citroen suspension sphere on the right hand side. What is it for? Is it a suspension damper? Is there any other reason why my suspension could be harsh/hard
  19. G

    W123 230E auto: harsh gear changes when cold

    Not sure if this is a problem or not.... When I first drive the car after its been left for a couple of days, the changes from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th are very harsh for the first half mile or so (these cars always start off in 2nd unless you flloor it from standstill). Rather than make a...
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