1. S

    AMG Private Lounge Collection Hat Giveaway

    Found from AMG Private Lounge. With the continued interest in a specific AMG Private Lounge collection of branded merchandise in mind, we are proud to offer members a free official AMG Private Lounge branded hat. We have produced a new version of the AMG Private Lounge hat, featuring carbon...
  2. E

    Old hat.

    Well I can see that the c63 rules the roost as they say.nowt wrong there awesome cars.well one getting my very old hat sl55 tweaked soon. Headers,pulley,intercooler pump,remap.probably been done to death in the past but ime excited.the old girl can still kick ass as they say.
  3. merc85

    Mercedes set of 4 6x14 Mexican Hat style wheels

    Set of 4 Mercedes 6jx14 Mexican Hat alloy wheels Removed from a 1984 500sec a few years back, could do with a rub down and paint. 2x Enduro tyres 1x Firestone 1x Goodyear Tread approx 4mm on 1, the other 3 5mm upwards Tyre size 205 70 14 could do with a refurb collection only Harwich essex...
  4. T

    Mercedes hat

    Hi I don't suppose anyone knows where I can get the hat Lewis Hamilton was wearing after the Malaysia Grand Prix. I would love to get one for my 3 year old son. Thanks in advance.
  5. Stratman

    Hat for sale

    I know I shouldn't laugh, but...........
  6. D

    is this real sl60 and hat do people think of price for its present condition

  7. Spinal

    Pieces of V8 (White Hat Rally 2013)

    As many of you know, I do a few rally-type things. About a year ago, I was lucky enough to be part of the committee organising the white hat rally; and the details for this year's event have been released. I must make a point - while the event is mainly targetting at people in IT, anyone can...
  8. Bobby Dazzler

    Where can i get a light switch hood, hat, shield thingy

    I'm going to mount a wireless PIR sensor on a tree trunk which is really intended for inside use, rather than outside use. They work file when protected by the soffit so I'm planning to shield it in some way, to protect it from water and other debris falling from above. The PIR is the same...
  9. Spinal

    White Hat Rally 2012

    White Hat Rally are this year marking the Olympics with a stunning long weekend of fun, challenges and driving in Chariots on Fire! In a nutshell, a group of security professionals get together once a year for their sins, and drive dressed up cars around while raising money for charity. Last...
  10. Splodge

    Mexican Hat alloy refurbs

    Time to think about taking off the winter steels & tyres. Alloys need refurbing but does anyone know if Rimfurbish or A1 wolverhampton can produce a finish like the ones shown on the following car; Mercedes-Benz : 300-Series - eBay (item 260732578869 end time Feb-14-11 17:00:00 PST) Never...
  11. Arthur Daley

    Wheel Nuts On W126 Mexican Hat Alloys

    Hi Does anyone know if the wheel nuts from standard W126 steel wheels will fit the Mexican Hat Alloy Wheels? Cheers Sean
  12. Satch

    Tinfoil Hat Time

    Or perhaps not...... U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret 'Jesus' Bible Codes But you can put them back on for this one, which is really strange! 1. Open up a blank Word document. 2. Type in Q33 NY in capitals (this is the flight number of the 1st plane to hit the World...
  13. Pontoneer

    Fuchs 'Mexican Hat' alloys + tyres

    I'm going to have a set of 14" Fuchs 'Mexican Hat' alloy wheels for sale , from the early W126 280SE I'm buying ; I also have a set of four Dunlop SP Sport 195/70 HR 14 tyres which have seen very little use although are 3 or 4 years old . The wheels on the W126 are , from memory , in good...
  14. Baron_Samedi

    If a Hat's Not a Hat Till it's Tilted...

    Is it the same for MB front wheels? I just walked past my car in the car park and thought how much better the car looks with the wheels facing off square, as it were :)
  15. Silvertank

    Is this old hat?

    I usually surf for W124 on ebay as a search item and drift through the couple of pages. It has the usual stuff on there, but occasionally a gem appears. By mistake the other day I went to ebay.com instead of ebay.co.uk and there were tonnes of pages on W124! As long as you can afford the...
  16. T

    Headlamp 'hat' question

    Just got the new headlamp lenses fitted and just put some new bulbs in. Noticed one wasn't as bright (fitted the bulbs in the dark). One looking through the lens I notices that the metal 'hat' that sits infront of the bulb is missing the top (that is just infront of the bulb tip). Its pitch...
  17. redfar

    190d hat rack

    Hello, I am thinking of changing the rear shelf of my 190 w201, Can any one tell me from where I can buy the interior carpet for the new shelf? Do the 190 use cut pile material? Who sells the carpets by code mine is 178? thanks
  18. esox

    A Beagle wearing a Dalmation hat...

    Off topic enough for `ya???
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