1. A

    A-Class Hazard Warning lights won't turn off

    Hi members, I'm hoping this is a quick fix. The battery on my A-Class was flat this morning and when I started the car using battery leads the hazard warning lights came on and stayed on. If I disconnect the battery then reconnect it they do go off. But come back on one again as soon...
  2. grober

    Recall potential fire hazard

    Reported elsewhere but haven't read this here. Apologies if its been posted before. Reference : R/2015/041 Manufacturer Ref : SRPC1501 Make: MERCEDES BENZ Model : E-Class & CLS Class Launch Date : 23/03/2015 Numbers Involved : 3877 Build Start Date : 01/07/2012 Build End Date : 31/12/2014...
  3. dokalj

    w203/ w209 Hazard Switch Surround Trim (Silver/ Grey)

    As per the title. It is in reasonable condition, although has a couple of imperfections. It would be perfect, if someone was upgrading to the later style centre dash or wants to experiment with a wrap of some kind? (possibly carbon) No damage to rear clips/ screws guides. Price is...
  4. F

    Hazard lights won't turn off

    I bought my son a 95 C220 when you start the car the hazard lights start flashing and stay on for a few min. The switch does not turn them off. However the dash indicator does not show them on unless you turn them on. I tried turning the switch on and off to no avail. Ever time you start the car...
  5. Hawkwind

    Hazard warning lights, random activation.

    As the title says really. I just bought a W208 CLK320. Noticed yesterday the hazards were flashing, but no siren, thought it might just be a one off. But it has happened a few times now and I don't want them to flatten the battery if left for an extended period. I did change the cabin air...
  6. jimmymidnight

    W221 Hazard light switch - URGENT!

    As title says, looking for the red triangle button for the hazard lights in a W221 S class. Mine decided to disintegrate this evening and I now have no way of turning the hazards on or off... Thanks
  7. H

    Vito hazard switch unit not working

    Have a 2004 vito 111 the hazard unit is not working it doesn't even light up when the lights are on I have replaced the unit with a working one from a van specialist off eBay but no joy still no lights or doesn't work I am worried as my mot is due soon and I don't think it pass if the hazard...
  8. Palfrem

    Nice trip hazard - OK HSE over to you.

    Electric car version of 'Boris Bikes' launched in London by French firm | Mail Online I wonder when the HSE is going to act over the ever increasing number of trip hazards generated by charging electric cars in public places. The picture here illustrates the problem nicely. They haven't...
  9. M

    parts (hazard switch) for a 1979 207D panel van

    Hi, can anyone help? I've an old 207d panel van and I need to source a hazard light switch for it. Its an unusual one. The hazard switch is round with a round hazard button in the middle, it has seven pins coming out of it and sits to the right of the steering wheel. The current one is...
  10. Andy730

    Random activation of hazard (indicator) lights?

    Hi, I have just picked up a 1999 A140 as a 'new' car for my daughter. The car is very good, although today it seems to have a mind of its own with regards the hazard lights. Whilst driving, or parking, or any small movements back or forwards, the hazard light come on. And i can't switch them...
  11. Conquistador

    Hazard lights flash at different intervals when ignition is switched OFF...?

    Only noticed this recently and only on German cars, but the hazard lights flash at a different intervals depending on whether the ignition is off or on. They illuminate and flash for a shorter time when the ignition is off. Easiest way to notice it is putting the hazards on just before you...
  12. A

    R107 (350SL) Hazard Light Switch

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a hazard light switch for a 1978 350SL R107. Mercedes tell me this is not a part available in the UK any more. Given this unit controls the indicators, this is quite annoying! Anyone got one they can send my way? I will need it by Thursday, Friday morning at the...
  13. bennesspipers

    Winter road hazard !

    Merry Christmas to all my old friends on MB Club :D
  14. T

    1995 E200 W210 hazard button

    Hi gents, I have to repair / change the hazard buton on the central console. How to get access to it? Thank you for your time Stefan
  15. T

    Hazard Switch needed. Can you help?

    Need one of these if anyone has a good working spare? It's for my 1987 R107SL. If anyone has one, i'm willing to swap it for some beer tokens and to cover the postage etc. Please reply on here or PM me if you like. Thanks in advance.
  16. E

    Dukes of hazard!

    UNBELIEVABLE Truck Crash - YouTube
  17. M

    Hazard a price anyone

    My 1999 clk 230 needed 2 new front springs a ball joint and a new level sensor for the xenon lights any one want to hazards a guess at merchant prices for parts , I have tried searching but no luck ? Thank
  18. H

    intermitent hazard warning light fault

    I have an intermitent problem, sometimes when I start my 1997 C180, you start the engine and the hazard lights come on for a few seconds which I presume is linked to the immobiliser at other times the hazards stay on for about 5 minutes and if you switch the hazard light switch on they just work...
  19. BoyracerAU

    Two jobs - Pollen Filter & Hazard Switch Replacement

    Hi All, I've previously seen threads that describe how to remove and replace the pollen filter for a 124 but I can't for the life of me find these threads now that I have purchased the parts. Same goes for the R&R of the switch console in the middle of the dash. My hazard switch is faulty...
  20. P

    w201 Hazard lights not working & buzzing sound

    Ive just found out that my hazard lights are not working on my 190. when i press the button its making a buzzing noise. i believe this might be coming from the drivers foot well area. any ideas on how i go about fixing this? i had the dash out last week so im guessing ive disturbed something.
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