1. demetrios

    Blinking hazards on 500 SL

    Hi guys, Had my car serviced and MOT 2 weeks ago. Everything went superb, no advisory on MOT either which is good for 1992 yr model. Yesterday my car started getting some erratic hazard light flashing as I'm driving. The orange lamp in dash come on to say bulb is out but all my lights are...
  2. E

    Sprinter 2003 indicators & hazards no work

    Hi, I have a sprinter 416 cdi for some reason the indicators & hazard lights have stopped working. The van has been stood for quite some time. All other electrics are working. They were working fine before. I can hear the relay click when I operate the hazards or operate the stalk for the...
  3. F

    R107 - 1986 500 SL indicators and hazards

    All Had a tyre blow go yesterday on the M25, and stuck the hazards on while I was replacing the wheel. Driving into work later, noticed I was getting some honks and a couple of nice hand gestures and realized the indicators were not working. Quick check of the fuse map, and everything else on...
  4. W

    C207 Hazards and Switch Row Problem

    Guys Anyone heard of any A/C207 or W212's suffering from any issues with the hazard warning / ESP switch, the heated seat switch row or the ILS not working? I hooked it up to Star today and had the following as current faults. Basically happened the other day, drove it to work and went back...
  5. V

    Vito Hazards stop flashing with alarm+interior light on constantly!

    I disconnected the battery ground connection today and after reconnection noticed the hazard lights wont flash anymore with alarm arm/disarm :dk: ? also the interior light both in cabin and back of van wont switch off at all when on auto mode :dk: ? appreciate any help, thanks.
  6. Howard

    Hazards gone mental

    Hi all A few days ago , my car (w208 430) had a mad five minutes in the middle of the night. The hazards started flashing at double speed while it was parked up , no one near it , alarm wasn't going off. It just did it again now. Stops itself after a little while. If you didn't see it...
  7. M


    I have a 02 cdi 270, After stopping after a journey i arm the alarm as usual but for some reason the hazards start to flash really quickly? They continue doing this for an unditernied amount of time then stop? if i unlock the car it stops them flashing but about 1 minute later it locks itself...
  8. W

    W202 hazards flashing after 30 seconds

    Today I removed the passenger side door trim and speaker as I was doing some work on the door. I've left them off and now when I lock the car on the remote its fine for 30 seconds and then the hazards start flashing (at the same rate as they do twice when the car is first locked). This hasn't...
  9. isohail72

    Hazards Go Off

    Hi My W220 s280 hazards go off after locking the car... Any idea ??? Thx:) Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  10. S

    W208 Hazards Flashing Random

    Hi, I've noticed on a couple of occasions now that after locking my CLK, after a few minutes the hazard lights are flashing very fast. Is this a sign of something? Or is something wrong? Thanks...
  11. 1945wickedred

    Hazards keep flashing.

    Hi does anyone know why my hazards keep flashing if I leave my car unlocked ,,had to have the alarm siren removed recently because it kept going off as well,if I can find out what is wrong then I can get the siren put back,the hazard thing happens about 5 minutes after switching off and taking...
  12. B

    Hazards flashing, siren silent????

    Hi Folks Any help I can get on the following condition would be gratefully appreciated. The wife's 05 plate C180K has started flashing it's hazards for no apparent reason when left locked but the alarm siren remains silent. When the condition occured last nIght while sat on the drive I went...
  13. Aletank

    Alarm Hazards Flashing But No Siren ?

    I've noticed on about 3 occasions now that when I have locked the car and looked out of the window, the hazzard lights are flashing but no alarm siren. The siren works as I locked my girlfriend in the car the other week and the siren went off - Maybe that has something to do with this. Thanks...
  14. salfordmerc

    kompressor,hazards keep going off.

    Hi all, this is doin my box in...park the car up,then after a few (or just to be awkward,when ive walked away) the hazards go off,blinking very fast as though its the alarm ...but no horn sound. Happening very regular now any help would be appreciated,thanks.
  15. Peter DLM

    Why are the hazards flashing 15 seconds after I lock the car?

    This just started today. Why do the harzard lights start flashing after I lock the car? There is a slight delay, but there is no alarm siren sounding, just a rapid flashing of the blinkers. Nothing on the dash either to suggest anything. Any ideas? :(
  16. trando

    Hazards in the middle of the night

    At about 3.30 this morning I was woken up by a feeling that there was a light flashing somewhere and sure enough when I looked out of my bedroom window, the hazards were flashing on my car. No sound, just the flashing hazards.. Any ideas as to why this should happen? I went and checked the car...
  17. B

    c200 hazards come on when pulling away

    ive got a c200 WDB202020 on a T plate and when you pull away driving forwards the hazards flash but the hazard switch does not. Also when you reverse and break the hazards come on then. Has anyone ever seen this before???
  18. mark.t

    driver in car hazards

    we all know the laws on using mobile phones and alike while driving,but seriously I found one of the most distracting things to be children,some time ago I asked the forum for translation services as we have a 9year old Belarus girl staying with us as a part of the chernobyl children's life...
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