1. Happytalk73

    Help in finding a hdmi 2 way spitter.

    Coming towards the final stages of the re-vamp of our daughters bedroom. I'm considering buying a 'magic eye' to link her TV into the Sky HD+ box. As the magic eye works through co-axle cable I'm guessing the picture on her TV will not be in HD? So I'm thinking I should link her TV through a...
  2. ioweddie

    Wireless HDMI help required please

    I would like to transmit HD around 20 meters from sky box to 2nd tv in bedroom downstairs in my bungalow. Currently its coaxed wired with an eye to another tv upstairs (channel change via an eye). I do not want to use the tv upstairs but somehow transmit the lounge skybox without running a very...
  3. X

    Panasonic TV HDMI problems

    I'm hoping that there is someone here who can shed some light on my problem. I have a Panasonic TH-42PX70BA Plasma TV. HDMI port 2 appears to have stopped working completely. When I connect via HDMI port 1 the device works for a while and then the connection starts cycling off and on.....this...
  4. Horrgakx

    ATI 5870 audio issue - HDMI audio switching off

    Hi all. If anyone can help with this I'd be grateful... I have an ATI 5870 card which feeds audio and video via HDMI into a home cinema amp. The issue I have is that some games stop outputting audio. As an example, Dangerous Waters (recently bought over Steam) has audio in the menus but...
  5. BTB 500

    PC to monitor - use DVI or HDMI cable?

    Is there any preference between DVI and HDMI when connecting a monitor? My new PC has both as outputs, and the monitor has both as input types (and VGA). Monitor came with a VGA lead plus DVI adapter, which works but is obviously not ideal! Going to pop out at lunchtime to get a new lead...
  6. C

    Can you recommend an HDMI website?

    I liked singing songs, so I bought a home theatre. When I wanted to go to sing Karaoke, I just stayed at home. Perhaps most of people did like me. If you wanted to connect the home theatre to an HDTV, you needed HDMI products. But it seems that the websites which sell HDMI products are not many...
  7. 6pot

    HDMI cables

    My friend is telling me to spend as much as possible on one of these because more exspensive is better? i thought they were essentially all the same but when i come to buy they start at about £10 and go up to £110! for a bloody cable! He says monster are a good brand but i just cant see anything...
  8. Tan

    Cheap IXOS HDMI cable

    Hi I brought one of these yesterday and they are really good value: IXOS XHT288-100 (XHT-288) High-Grade 1.0 metre HDMI to HDMI 1080p Cable with IXOS TRU-HD™... - www.hiwayhifi.com Tan
  9. gaz_l

    HDMI source into Displayport monitor?

    Hopefully someone in here will be able to answer this one for me. I am planning on buying a new monitor and would like it to have VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs. VGA/DVI for use with PC & Mac, with the HDMI port to connect to PS3 (currently plugged into main TV, but I get little time to use it as Mrs...
  10. A

    Anyone have a Sony HDMI Cinema amp?

    Hello Given our trusty CRT TV blew up before Christmas and after looking and reading many reviews we bought a Sony LCD TV, made up with it. We also added a blueray player (again Sony) I sold my old Cinema amp a Sony QS model as it had no HDMI ports and was silver.... (all the new stuff is...
  11. A

    Anyone use a Popcorn Hour or WD HDMI box?

    Hello Currently looking at these two options Popcorn is better but twice the price and without adding a H/D so quite a lot more really. WD box is cheapish and I can use an external H/D Have to say the user interface of the Popcorn the way you can have titles with pictures and reviews...
  12. M

    Philips DVP5960 HDMI DVD player

    Philips DVP5960 HDMI DVD player, used twice (3 hours) - I am selling it to make room for a new HD DVD player so it has to go! Will sell boxed with all instructions remote control etc... Upscales DVD's to 1080 using HDMI cable (not supplied). Bargain at £35 including free delivery. Bag...
  13. MikeL

    HDMI info - using standard DVD

    Thought I'd let everyone know about a small experiment using HDMI cable. Using an AV Amp & PLasma equipped with HDMI sockets, and a cheap DVD player (and I mean cheap £20.00). Connected as follows. DVD to Amp using S-cable and Fibre Optic Cable Amp to TV using HDMI. (Amp capable of...
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