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    Ashtray Headaches

    Hi All, I'm having real problems removing the ashtray from my wife's SLK. I'm looking to remove it so I can empty it rather than removing permanently to fit another panel/facility. I've searched the forum and Google but all I can find is instructions to remove it by taking off dash panels...
  2. S

    Gearbox headaches

    Hi everyone. Got the codes from my gearbox yesterday p2500 p220a p2502. Can anybody help me decide what to do. I havechanged the oil and filter and check the levels everything ok. can't really afford to put a reconditioned gearbox in so looking on eBay at second-hand ones but very nervous about...
  3. developer

    Lager, Beer, and Headaches

    I've never been a drinker, but when I do have a pint it's invariably lager. I find it can give me a headache, and was told a long time ago it's because lager is full of chemicals :dk:. Can the panel advise (from experience) an alternative that I could try, which is less chemical and...
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    SL 3.0 M103 headaches

    The SL has been off the road for the last 9 months and due to work/race commitments I just didn't have time to deal with it. So feeling suitably guilty for the last few weeks I set about it swapping a load of parts and getting it ready for MOT. All new brakes were fitted...
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    SLK320 Headaches. Advice ?? [Detailed]

    Hi guys. Wondering if you have any advice. I am a bit stuck. Apologies for this being a long-winded post. Bought a 2001 SLK320 from Signature MB (Dartford) last month. 1-owner. 5k miles (!!). And a good price ... !! The dealer was very clear that it was a one-lady owner car (as...
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