1. h17n dj

    W126 Headlamp Wiper Arms

    Afternoon all, upon removing the headlamp wiper arms on my 500SEL, I tried to remove the washer jets that are built in (??) to the wiper arm and some of it kind of snapped.... could anybody please confirm that this part can just be swapped out, or do I have to purchase a whole new (expensive)...
  2. L

    W219 Drivers side bi-xenon headlamp

    as per the title - in good condition
  3. L

    Bi-Xenon Headlamp Part No. for W219

    Could someone help me please for a part number for an offside bi-xenon headlamp for a 2008 Facelift W219 - WDD2193222A150368 TIA
  4. PhilG

    W219 Headlamp washer mechanism

    I went to my local car wash, used scores of times before, and came out with a broken headlamp washer mechanism and no cover. I have no idea how this happened but whatever. Went back to the car wash and managed to get the cover back. I've got a new mechanism ready to go in, looks like this...
  5. B

    E320 headlamp lens.

    I recently acquired a 2005 E320 w211 which is generally in great condition. However, the passenger side headlamp lenses look awfully dull, compared with those on the driver's side. It looks as if perhaps those on the driver's side have been fairly recently replaced. It has gas discharge...
  6. bh13coupe

    c207/w212 headlamp washer replacement

    Hi Guys After my thread on the requirement of the headlamp washers to pass an MOT, I have another question. In order to fit the replacement washer unit. is this a bumper off job or can the unit be accessed via the wheel well? I am already peeved about having to replace the unit, the...
  7. bob6600

    W212 Headlamp Control Unit replacement

    Vehicle - 2010 W212 PF N/S ballast (control unit) was faulty so a new one was purchased and has been replaced however all functions do not work as it needs coding. Can this be done via Xentry or does it need online SCN coding? It is only the ballast that is replaced, not the headlamp...
  8. thebig1

    Headlamp Cover

    Hi All, Has anyone ever manage to change the headlamp cover on a W205 ILS unit? Since I got my car back from the dealer, there is a couple of cracks appeared in the lamp but the dealer isn't excepting any responsibility as I have had the car back 5-6 days. :0(
  9. M

    W211 Xenon

    My 2004 E320 has factory fitted HID and one of my bulbs had gone yesterday, I was just about to order some and noticed that some are 35 watts and some are 55w, I think originally my ones are 35w and I'm not sure if fitting 55w would work just like using 100w halogens instead of 55w on older...
  10. Charles Morgan

    New Old Stock W124 headlamp wiper motor

    A friend called Dave (actually genuinely a friend called Dave, honest) is selling this for any W124 lover who wants their headlamp wiper to work. Mercedes Benz W 124 W124 headlamp wiper motor | eBay
  11. S

    W212 Headlamp Adjustment

    Hello. My 2010 W212 saloon E350CDI appears to have the dipped beam set too high; judging by the number of drivers who flash me. The car is fitted with Adaptive Highbeam Assist which automatically recognises oncoming lights and dips the main beam into dipped beam mode. The system is working in...
  12. Bobby Dazzler

    W164 ML headlamp washer broken in freezing conditions

    This morning there was a fairly thick frost, and the car had been parked outside overnight. I pushed the headlamp wash button without thinking, when it didn't spray I gulped and hoped there was no damage. This evening driving home I hit the button again to test if there was any damage and...
  13. markjay

    Headlamp Beam Converters for Continental Driving

    I mean these: http://i1.adis.ws/i/washford/151225 Are they mandatory for driving in France? And also is it legal to drive with these when I am back in the UK, or would I need to take them off immediately after crossing back from France? Thank you...
  14. R

    Headlamp adjustment W212

    I have a 2014 W212 with the HID dims and halogen full lights. the fulls are shining too much to the right of centre. I can see the up down adjustment but have no idea where to find the left right adjuster for the high beams. Appreciate if somebody would point me in the right direction...
  15. Petrol Pete

    Headlamp selector switch illumination

    Hi 2006 C55 AMG. The headlamp selector switch (the part you turn) lights up when the headlamps are on but the 'icons' surrounding the switch (fixed part) do not. Pretty much every car I have ever driven has these lit up so I am guessing a blown lamp. Any ideas how to get the light switch out to...
  16. S

    W124 Headlamp wiper arm

    Need a drivers side headlamp wiper arm please ?
  17. C

    LED aftermarket headlamp bulbs

    Hi, I'm considering options for improving the light from the dipped/main beam lights on my CLS W219 which is decidedly average. I am currently running with some generic halogen bulbs. I have considered HID however this has proven too difficult/expensive to implement properly (i.e. safely) so I...
  18. Dave Richardson

    Headlamp adjustment problems

    With the onset of darker evenings I 'd just found out that I need to raise the cars headlamps, they seem to be so low down & when I turn the adjustment wheel nothing seems to happen. All vacuum pipes appear to be connected & in good order & the adjustment wheel moves easily & clicks when turned...
  19. smoothcoupe

    W211 e55 o/s xenon headlamp.

    Hi guys I'm after a os headlamp for my 2004 E55.
  20. C

    Xenon Headlamp Removal R129

    Hi Are there any threads or advice on how to remove the front headlamp from the r129. YouTube has nothing relevant and I've disassembled the unit all apart from one cable that looks to be from inside the lamp to something on the car frame. My guess would be the ballast. Unsure where to go...
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