1. D

    W163. Ml500 xenon headlamps - simple swap ?

    Hi , like most people , my lamps on my newly purchased ml500 are fogged . Yes they can be polished but it's never as good a new shiny lamps . So Looking at new units , the only difference I can see between xenon and halogen is thebalast plugged in at the bottom ? Can I just buy a new...
  2. IforG

    W209 headlamps stay on

    My CLK cab headlamps will not turn off whatever I do. The rotary switch works for front and rear fog lights and the parking light function works at it should. Even with the switch in the off position, dipped headlamps shine brightly, even in full sunshine. Any ideas, guys, please?
  3. D

    LED headlamps and snow

    Hey, So despite living in Scotland and having had my W205 for a year, last night I was driving in heavy snowfall for the first time in it. I was following a car in almost whiteout conditions and thinking nothing of it until that car pulled off and I was left with nobody to follow. I...
  4. Justin1600

    W202 / C43 AMG Xenon Headlamps and Ballast units

    A pair of very good condition genuine Xenon Headlights with both Xenon bulbs and both Ballast boxes. £500
  5. Gollom

    Headlamps - wire wool and t-cut

    Does this sound like a reasonable way of getting the "haze" off headlamps? My W211 and the SLK Ta
  6. trapperjohn

    Wanted. CLS Headlamps.

    My brother Bob is after a set of CLS headlights. Non xenon. PM me if you can help please. I thank you.
  7. M

    W211 e55 headlamps

    Sorry for this. But cannot search this. Trying to understand if I can get my headlamp lenses gleeming again. There's conflicting reports you can polish and some say you cannot or is it new assemblies or can you by the lenses alone. By way they are xenon type. What's the real MB forum say.
  8. bob6600

    W210 Xenon Headlamps

    For sale on behalf of a friend, I was temped to keep these myself as they are in better condition than mine! Used but in very good condition, removed from a facelift W210 Working perfectly, all bulbs tested and included Ballasts and electric motors included, washers are available if...
  9. whitenemesis

    New Headlamps and LED Foglights/DRLs Fitted

    New headlamps and led DRL/foglamps. Fitted by the guys at Comand LEDriving FOG | LED – Exterior lighting | OSRAM All original functions maintained, including "Welcome lighting". No error messages. Usual high quality workmanship with all wiring wrapped and routed with care. Action...
  10. K

    E class W212 Partial LED headlamps

    I have just changed my clk for a E class with partial LED headlamps. On dipped beam the LED headlamps are very good but when you put it on main beam it is like putting on a candle with the yellow main beam against the LED white light. Has anybody got any advice or recommendations for improving...
  11. I

    Quote on Projector Headlamps

    Hi, Thinking about upgrading headlights. I have just had a Insurance Quote on fitting Projector Headlamps to my 2001 SLK 230. The units are E marked DOT & SAE so conform to all existing regs. The lady I spoke to first said extra £50 pa as repair costs would rise in case of an accident. I...
  12. M

    After c-class coupe 02reg clear headlamps (both)

    Hi, anyone can tell me if headlamps from same age but c-class sedan would fit coupe?
  13. M

    c-class coupe 02 reg headlamps

    Hey, Want to buy used headlamps for my c-class coupe, are the headlamps any different form same age c-class sedan? Tom
  14. R

    Headlamps on all the time

    Hi, wondered if anyone can help on the following: Sprinter 511 2008 twin rear wheel. Headlamps,side lights and rear lights come on and stay on as soon as the ignition switch is turned on even when the the main light switch is in the off position and the engine is not running. Also the 'light...
  15. S

    How to adjust headlamps?

    2003 CL600 W215 I had the lights altered from rhd to lhd by the MB franchise/Indie here in SW France. He told me that I wouldn't get the rh kick-up, which doesn't bother me and the beam is relatively flat, so looks like he has simply got rid of the lh kick-up. Trouble is, now the dip...
  16. S

    mercedes cls320 cdi 2006 headlamps

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me, I normally drive an e320cdi 56 plate and on this car when I turn the ignition on, the lights (bi xenon) come on and then go up a level (as if by motor) now my question is my CLS 320 CDI doesn't do this - it has the projector type lamps, but I switch the car...
  17. X

    Mercedes w204 Headlights wiring

    Hi, I have a c320 cdi on a 09 halogen model, I was wondering if anybody could help me as I need to know which wires are for high beam on my headlights as the plug is broken and have replaced with new but have to connect wires in plug myself located all other wires dipped beam indicator...
  18. F

    Pair of OEM Bi Xenon Headlamps - W203

    Hi, If anyone is intrested i have access to a complete pair of used OEM Bi Xenon headlamps for a W203 Saloon (come complete with everything) and would be a simple plug and play modification. If intrested please PM me. Please note that the headlmaps will only fit a saloon and cannot be...
  19. johnboy99

    2005 CLK Headlamps

    I have a 2005 facelift CLK with regular headlamps i.e. not HID. My last MOT resulted in an advisory to the effect that the reflector was distorting and may well result in a fail next time, the front glass is also crazing. I've had a quick look around whilst on the road and note that only 2005...
  20. Kris-H

    Adjusting W210 headlamps for driving in France

    Is there a way to adjust the headlamps on a 2001 W210 for driving on the right hand side of the road in France or do I need to use stick on beam deflectors ? :dk: Thanks !!
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