1. Vintage Racer

    R129 Headlight Unit Change.....Help!

    Disclaimer: I am not technical. :confused: Changing the headlights on my R129 to LHD and have managed to almost remove the first unit....... I have undone all of the connections apart the the 'vacuum' connector, which appears to twist and release, but does not pull out (do I just need to...
  2. R

    W204 2013 headlight upgrade to xenon

    Hi guys, deciding to upgrade my headlights from the normal halogen lights to the xenon headlamps. Checked online and I'm surprised I couldn't find anyone actually talking about this. Any help will be grateful, I will also post pictures along the upgrade Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  3. Blackcab

    Headlight limescale?

    Is this a common thing? I've got limescale type of stuff on my headlights. Ive used a Maguires kit to attempt to remove it. Ive done it a couple of times now and it has vastly improved the headlight lenses but not 100 per cent. Has anyone got any other ideas please? many thanks
  4. B

    High beam headlight question

    With the headlights set to auto, and the stalk pushed away, the high beam icon with the 'A' lights up on the dash to show that the car is deciding when to turn high beam on. But can anyone confirm that it will only turn on high beam if you're doing more than 30mph? This seems to be the case...
  5. R

    Headlight for e350 2009 coupe

    Hi can anyone tell me what the difference is between a headlight with the part number A207 820 06 39 and a headlight with the part number A207 820 02 59. I need a driver side headlight for a E350 coupe 2009 and would like to buy a used one as a new one is 1000 plus. The part number i need is...
  6. A

    S210 facelift: good offside Halogen headlight,

    O/S halogen headlight, a replacement OEM unit (due to 2010 crash damage), so the lenses are like new, clear as a bell. ECP price is £110, so £30 and £8 postage. PM me if you'd like a photo emailed to you. Collection welcome and encouraged from London E4.
  7. M.A.94

    Wanted: W211 facelift headlight retaining trims

    I need a pair of w211 facelift headlight trims. I believe the part number for these are: A2118200512 - Left A2118200612 - Right See attached image for reference
  8. Ant-toe-knee

    Hit a Deer Broken Headlight mounts

    Hi all I hit a deer on my travels which has pushed back the headlight on my 57 W211. Is there anyway to repair the brackets as MB want £600 for a new one. Thanks
  9. clk320x

    Headlight Restoration Kit Recommendation

    As a lot of people on the forum have older cars which are often plagued with the clouding headlight problem I thought I would post this. Yesterday whilst looking on Amazon I found the 'Quixx headlight restoration kit' -and as it was available for the bargain price of £10 I thought it was...
  10. M

    My Headlight Restoration Without Polishing

    This has always been on the things to do list when I first bought my car, so with this lovely weather I have decided to get it over and done with. I found the polishing technique is only a short term solution and I wanted a more permanent solution, without paying a visit to the MB parts...
  11. L

    Xenon Headlight, SCN coding and tourist mode

    thought I might share these musings...I bought a control module off eBay, xenon headlight control module. It is a Hella unit, same as the Mercedes OEM but half the price. I fitted it myself - (quite easy) only to discover it didn't activate the main beam. After a few phone calls to Mercedes I...
  12. way318

    Headlight switch

    Hi, only had CLA less than 24hrs and got a question on the head light switch. Is there an off position, as I can see 4 positions it can go in: Headlights on, Auto, sidelights on and then one for when parked up? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. R

    Gap between headlight and Bumper

    Due to a minor collusion in a retail car park my car's nearside headlamp and bumper has a noticeable gap, which I didn't have before. Does anyone know how can I fix this? Any help will be much appreciated. Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  14. E

    2012 face lift c63 headlight ballast

    As above looking for the ballast or complete light for the passenger side front if possible cheers:thumb:
  15. M

    W211 Xenon

    My 2004 E320 has factory fitted HID and one of my bulbs had gone yesterday, I was just about to order some and noticed that some are 35 watts and some are 55w, I think originally my ones are 35w and I'm not sure if fitting 55w would work just like using 100w halogens instead of 55w on older...
  16. S

    headlight switch

    hi all im wondering if its possible to upgrade the headlight switch to allow the switch to be left in A mode but have the one with the push button front and rear fogs instead of the switch that you have to turn off Auto mode and then pull..??
  17. Richard1973

    S210 headlight lenses

    Can anyone recommend a good cut/ polish to restore the lenses? Used a T cut type product and polished after and they are much better, but could be improved. Sent from my SM-T365 using Tapatalk
  18. Myclk55amg

    Headlight cleaning

    Just wondering if anyone knows if cleaning your headlights with the toothpaste trick works? If not does anybody know what is effective?
  19. Vintage Racer

    R129. - How easy to change complete headlight units

    Need to change the headlights (standard lights) over to LHD on my 2001 SL320. The dealer wants £1000.00 (1200.00 euros) to supply & fit. I can pick up a pair of new 'aftermarket' light units for around 450.00 euros. So question is............how easy is it to change the units myself...
  20. M

    Mercedes 208 clk headlight switch problem

    Hello, after turning engine off and removing key, the dash says lights on, the switch is off, however the number plate lights and the dash lights stay on. Removed fuses does not make any difference. Change the headlight/ lights switch? or the feed to the number plate light is damaged somewhere...
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