1. G


    I have a W213 , just come from Land Rover which when I opened car via fob also turned front lights on and when I parked headlights stayed on for a time - good security. Comfort feature. I cannot find if my E class has a similar feature - any help appreciated
  2. V

    W209 mid-face Xenon headlights

    Hello guys, I recently bought OEM Xenon headlights for my CLK and I plan to retrofit these. I also bought the cables from the front and rear axle. However, I am not sure what should I do now. On the right headlight, there are 3 sockets - 4 pins, 5 pins and 6 pins. My original connector is...
  3. AndrewOl

    X164 headlights

    Hi, while trying to replace the sidelights on my 2006 GL (why is this so difficult?) I noticed a loose 3 pin connector on the loom behind each headlight unit. Looks like they have not been connected to anything for some time and all the lights work ok so has anyone got an idea? Seems odd for...
  4. F

    Cls55 amg active headlights

    Recently had my battery disconnected to recharge it as the car had been parked up with a falled sbc pump. After reconnecting the battery I'm now getting a message on the dash saying "active lighting system display faulty". Car is a 2005 cls55 amg with the active headlights option. Is their a...
  5. M

    Mercedes sl 129 Zenon headlights

    Hi all, my SL 500 facelift 2001, head lights are zenon, the drivers light stays on, makes no difference on dip or main beam, just bright, changed the igniter, the bulb and the controller, is there a relay somewhere? the passenger side is perfect. Will change all the left to the right hand side...
  6. B

    1999 clk 230 LHD headlights

    Hi all , i wonder if anyone has a pair of lhd headlights for my rhd clk 230 , i will be driving it down to Spain later this year and there it will stay , so need some headlights so it will pass the Spanish M.O.T . Thanks in advance Bruce
  7. Cymruambyth

    Axe murderer with headlights.

    Apologies if this has been posted before....Top Gear shootout... https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_3965077193&feature=iv&src_vid=DaZExdTHHjY&v=lOF8luk_TwA
  8. AMGeed

    Bi-Xenon headlights aim too low?

    Got an MOT fail today for both Bi-xenon headlights aiming too low. Checked if they "self levelled" when turning on and they don't.:fail Checked the (adjustable) airmatic level sensors and they are working fine and not broken and I have a Star diagnosis booked for tomorrow morning at...
  9. R

    C220 CDI halagon headlights

    Hi, I'm off to Europe and cannot seem to find out if my headlights need stickers on them. Can anyone help please
  10. M.A.94

    W210 Auto adjustable xenon headlights

    OK before I start I know this has been discussed on the forum before, Ive searched and searched but cant seem to find the thread. Anyways my headlights on my w210 are out of alignment, the cause for this is the little rod which is by the diff has snapped off. Could someone tell me what this...
  11. steve333

    Halogen headlights

    The wife's new r172 slk has halogen headlights which everyone knows are not great,has anyone any tips for improving them-upgrading bulbs etc?
  12. T

    Replacement headlights for R-Class CDI320 4-matic

    Hi all, I have a 2006 R-class with quite a few miles on it - but we love it and go all over Europe in it. Unfortunately, we need to replace the headlights - and this is turning out to be a rather expensive proposition as new spareparts are ridiculously expensive. Thus, I'm hoping...
  13. B

    Condensation in headlights

    Good Morning all, I have just picked up my new car (e350) having only had it a few days and having had the 2010 model prior to this i have a question. I have noticed that the headlights have a little bit of condensation. I raised this to the garage when i bought the car and they said with the...
  14. 91dm

    W163 ML Useless Dim Headlights

    Hello, Are W163 headlights just poorly designed? I mostly drive on unlit country roads which is fine when I've full beam on but when I go to dip I find them very poor. I've polished the lights, upgraded the bulbs all round to osram, checked the voltage and wiring. ^Mine's the...
  15. B

    SLK 350 headlights

    Hi Club members, I was wondering if anyone can advise me on the SLK 171, my headlights do not seem to be efficient enough to give me good road lighting, it is a 2005 model and I was wondering if there is a better bulb that I can fit which will give me better illumination. Your help will be...
  16. L

    ML (W164) Headlights

    As any owner of a ML -W164-with standard headlights/bulbs will know, the headlights are woeful. Can anyone recommend upgraded bulbs? Ie Ones which show a noticeable difference.
  17. Palfrem

    G Wagen headlights

    One of the aftermarket headlamps on my G is faulty. Land Rover Defender LED Cree DRL 8000Lm 7" Headlight x 2 E Approved 90 110 4x4 | eBay Anyone had any experience of / thoughts on these lamps please?
  18. S

    57 E320CDI dipped headlights pink - what bulbs and whether DIY

    Hi, One of the dipped headlights on my W211 57 E320CDI Saloon turned pink. What is the best bulb to buy - I want it to be as bright as possible and long lastting? Is it a DIY job? What would be the time for the job at a (reasonable) garage? Are the bulbs sensitive to being touched/knocked a...
  19. A

    Drivers Headlights MB E350 2007 wont work

    My driver headlights aren't working, the bulb is ok. Im triying to locate the fuse or relay but I cant find were is it or if there is a fuse or relay. I know that there are 3 fuse box but I dont know what to do. Any help thanks !!!
  20. M

    2015 W212 Partial LED headlights conversion

    Hey all, I am the proud owner of a 2015 E220 AMG Spec. Love this car however it didn't come with the FULL LED headlights only partial ones. I love the design of the FULL LED headlights which are on the 2015 and 16 models. (W212) does anyone know if they would fit as a direct...
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