1. RyanMuller

    Any Audiophiles here to help me choose some headphones?

    Hi all, I regularly work from home and enjoy listening to music. I am after some over-ear headphones to listen to music and also watch films when the other half is asleep. Does anybody have any recommendations for good phones under £500 which are similar to products like the Oppo PM3's ...
  2. G

    W221 rear entertainment and splitview headphones

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to use independent make wireless headphones with the rear entertainment or splitview screens? And, if so, how do you link them to the COMAND system. I know that you can use wired headphones in the back, but I think the front passenger must use wireless (no...
  3. T

    Bowers & Wilkins P7 Headband Headphones - Black - Boxed And Complete

    Bowers and Wilkins P7 wired head phones in black Extremely good condition, very little use Come with: Original box and packaging Both cables (one with a volume control; the other has never been used) Paperwork 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter Leather pouch £200 posted firm - any less i'd...
  4. M

    Best in-ear headphones

    Hi All, Are any of you audio geeks. Can you reccomend some in ear headphone, noise cancelling would be amazing. Would not be opposed to over ear but as long as they dont fall of when running and are portable for travelling. Thanks
  5. The _Don

    Bose sie2 sport headphones

    A friend is selling these new in a sealed box Retail £110 selling for £55 Bose sie2 sports headphones green colour
  6. E

    Dr dre beats solo hd headphones

    Kids want to sell there headphones, red & black both in immaculate condition with boxes & cables plus carry case. selling for £70 +p&p each or buy both & get free postage.
  7. jonnymerc

    For sale dr dre beats studio headphones white

    Selling dr dre beats studio headphones white less than six months old hardly used in excellent condition noise cancelling cost £300 looking for £200/ make me an offer you can contact me on 07447586192 or through the forum messaging service thanks
  8. jonnymerc

    For sale dr dre beats studio headphones white

  9. A

    Bluetooth headphones

    Hello After a pair of Bluetooth headphones, main purpose for watching catch up TV on my ipad. Don't want to spend a lot so no bose or B & W prices... Probably max £50, quick good saw these... but without trying them on I'm not sure FSL Zero Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic for...
  10. B

    Closed back headphones

    I am thinking about getting some decent headphones for use while commuting. I already have a pair of 'Hi-Fi' cans (Sennheiser HD650s) but these are completely unsuitable for use out and about as they are very difficult to drive (600 ohms impedance) and make no effort to reduce sound leakage...
  11. D

    Headphone recommendations

    I'm looking for a decent set of headphones and I'll be wearing them when I'm walking the dog mostly, so I'd probably prefer in-ear but I'm no expert so if you think otherwise then let me know. Budget is up to £150, but I don't mind buying cheaper as long as they are good value (if that makes...
  12. V12

    urbeats headphones

    Listed on ebay : urbeats ur beats by dr. dre headphones / headset made by monster | eBay As always, a deal can be done for a forum member.
  13. AnilS

    In ear headphones whilst driving?

    .............. is it illegal? I know of bikers who wear them and seen a rise in people using ipods/mp3 players in their cars. I want to drive the Merc topless and don't want to embarass others with my music collection :o, but have never done so as I want to be aware of my surroundings. The in...
  14. M

    Noise cancelling headphones

    Can peopl tell me what they make of the latest noise cancelling headphones please. From preferance I suspect I would like ones that completely cover my lugholes.
  15. A

    Wireless Headphones for Car DVD's etc New £10

    Bought this off a famous auction site as I was planning on installing some DVD headrest but never did... Wireless with volume control looks like you can use them 'wired' but don't have the jack plug lead with them. Brand new £12 Posted (The sale is for One set of Headphones) the picture is...
  16. High-Lo

    Genuine BOSE Headphones?

    Any experts here on BOSE products able to tell if there is anything suspect about these? I have heard that there are loads of fakes around but they all seem to be the in-ear models and not the on-ear. Thanks, Steve
  17. U

    Bose HeadPhones MINT! w/receipts

    I have for sale one set of Bose Triport on-ear headphones, they are in mint condition as they was used only twice!!!!! These are a pair of Genuine Bose HeadPhone, i have the receipts of sale from when i bought them. RRP £120 from Bose Bose® On-Ear Headphones - Apple Store (U.K.) Will...
  18. I

    Noise cancelling headphones.

    Has anyone found an OK set? The quality from 'phones is always better than plugs and I would prefer circumaural to supra (entirely round your ear rather than sitting on your ears) as they are comfier when you rest your head on something on a long distance flight/train/coach. In saying that...
  19. N

    Audio splitter for headphones

    Hi All, this is possibly a daft question, but that's never stopped me before... I have a DVD player in the car, and because of problems in the past with Infra Red headphones, I (or rather my kids) use wired headphones plugged into the line-out jack. Two kids and one socket means using a...
  20. M

    Infra Red car headphones

    I want to add an IR headphone controller to my E class comand install and bought 2 pairs by phillips. they come with an IR output generator module that is normally connected to a mains transformer to provide power (phone charger type ) . For use in the car I need a regulated 12v 200ma power...
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