1. W

    S203 rear center headrest removal for anyone interested.

    Hi guys, I have posted on several forums without a single answer, so after much experimentation I have finally worked out how to remove the centre headrest. My car is a UK spec Mercedes c class c200 Avantgarde Kompressor 1998 cc 2001 year estate. The rear seat has 3 headrests, the 2 outside...
  2. R

    Drivers headrest temperamental

    Hi, the drivers head rest will only go up and down when the car is not running. When it's running only the passenger side will move. It's hardly a big problem but any reason for this or is it a fault? Car is a e55 AMG. Many thanks Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. T

    Headrest are bypass

    Headrest srs bypass Does anyone know what value resister is needed to bypass srs headrests on a s211? Fitting dvd headrests, don't need telling I shouldn't as their a safety feature lol, just need to know what resister to use please, thanks
  4. clk320x

    CLK Headrest Problem

    The headrests in my CLK (both sides) won't go down all the way when I press the button. When the seat is folded forward, the headrest will go down all the way and come back up when the seat is returned to upright position. Hence the motor must be OK. When the seat is uprights using the...
  5. A

    CLK Convertible W209 headrest problem

    Hi everyone, I have tried on many occasions to try and reattach the padded front headrest to the main unit - it was like this when I bought it. It has come off completely and I just don't know how to get it back on?!!! It kind of clips in the tops but not at the bottom - seems there's some...
  6. M

    Rear headrest tvs

    Hi I have a 2006 gl420 with monitors in headrests with DVD player in boot . I can get picture but no sound any ideas would be much appreciated .
  7. K

    S211 Drivers Side Electronic Headrest sometimes not working

    Any recommendations, the drivers front headrest sometimes does not work. I am sure it's not the button which is at fault but some electrical loose connection from the headrest side because if I wiggle the headrest then it more than likely works for some time. Any hints? Regards.
  8. S

    How to remove rear headrest W212

    I am having my windows done tomorrow, but can figure out how to remove the rear headrests. I can lift them up, but there is not enough height to pull them out. My rear seat is fixed, so cannot be tilted forward, unless I am missing something. Thanks
  9. T

    Headrest Not Dropping

    I'm looking for some help with my S320 saloon. The rear headrests are raised manually and should drop when a button on the centre console is pressed. Up to now it has worked, somewhat intermittently, now the won't drop at all. Pressing the button results in a quiet click from somewhere near...
  10. N

    Electric Front Headrest

    Hi Guys, I have a 2003 CLK Rag Top, the passengers headrest is stuck in the upright position. When I try to move it down via the door switch I can hear clicking in the seat, when I move the seat forward to allow people into the back the headrest moves down automatically. So my question...
  11. L

    W209 CLK320 Headrest Issue

    I have a W209 CLK320 on a 52 plate. I've been experiencing issues with the drivers headrest playing up for a long time which can be quite frustrating if you need to carry passengers in the back. Basically it would either not work at all, motor up and stay up, not go down when seat folded etc...
  12. SilverSaloon

    wanted - W124 drivers side electric seat headrest switch

    lost mine, its the small headrest switch from a w124 facelift, drivers side thanks derek
  13. N

    W202 W210 Removing black palstic headrest 'holes' on top of seat back

    I'm swapping over the cushions on my driver seat to another working frame, mine no longer adjusts forward to make the backrest more vertical. Does anyone know how to get the 2 black plastic things the steel headrest prongs sink into off the top of the seat backrest in a 202? I believe it's...
  14. C

    W203 M111 headrest drop and headlight leveling inop

    Hi, I have a 2001 W203 C200 Kompressor with M111 engine. The rear headrest release and headlight level adjuster are inoperative. Since both systems run on vacuum I think they are the result of a single failure somewhere in the vacuum source. Can someone spend a little bit of time...
  15. P

    W124 Cabrio rear headrest stuck Down

    Hi I am a newbie to this forum, just discovered it while looking for any info on my W124 cabriolet rear head rest problem. They are stuck in the down position, as opposed to the up (activated) position. And, as they form the roll bar in the event of an accident, I am keen to get it sorted out...
  16. A

    Front headrest removal CLK270 Cdi 55 plate

    Hello there, i want to remove the headrest from the front seats on my Clk 270 cdi 55 plate , i can get the headrest to the top limit but they will not come out of the seat can anybody tell me how to do it please ?
  17. A

    2012 C class child headrest?

    Hi, does anybody know anything about the lateral support headrest for the integral child seat? Or have one for sale? Thanks, Andrew.
  18. D

    NS/R w221 Headrest

    I made a bit of a snafu within about 2 mins of having the car. Being cautious not to damage the leather, I used a seat protector under my daughters isofix car seat. It's actually a good protector, with a little strap around the head rest to stop the back piece from moving... Wait for it...
  19. pimpdriver

    W210 headrest motor needs replacing

    Hi, 2002 W210 with electric memory seats. Code B1203 Hall sensor of component M29m4 )head restraint raise / lower motor) is faulty. Is the motor in the head rest or the seat? How much does one cost, and where from, and how easy to fit? Thanks Steve
  20. 2

    DVD Headrest

    Hello guys New to this forum, can I please get some advice please I want to install some DVD headrests for the kids but would like to see if I can get any power from the seats. I do not need any inputs just install the headrests to power the unit up. If so could I get some advice on how...
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