1. Abdul

    Alpine single din headunit - UTE92BT

    As above In mint condition pretty much but not in original box. Comes with loom and case. Please bare in mind this is a mechless player so no cd player. https://www.flickr.com/photos/151747020@N02/shares/V48D1E £60 collected from ilford Essex or £70 posted. Thanks
  2. Abb

    Aftermarket Headunit recommendations

    I am assisting my nephew sourcing a aftermarket headunit for his 2009 W209 CLK coupe. The only thing letting the car down is the outdated in car entertainment. I think its possibly an audio 20, but can't be sure, basically a sleek looking unit but very basic with no bells or whistles. He was...
  3. clk320x

    Changing time after aftermarket headunit

    After fitting the Pioneer app radio in place of my COMAND the time no longer automatically changes in the cluster to accommodate for the daylight saving etc It says on the CONNECTS2 interface that the time changing etc would be preserved but seemingly this is not the case although steering...
  4. clk320x

    Get aftermarket headunit to work with stock aux port

    Anyone managed to get aftermarket Headunit to work with factory aux port? I note 2 wires on loom going to aux port, any way to convert these to a nornal 3.5mm jack? Would be interesting to hear what you guys think? Cheers
  5. B

    w209 aftermarket headunit and steering controls

    I've recently swapped out the command 2 systems with a pioneer car play unit. I've managed to get most of the wiring sorted from previous threads on here but the only outstanding item is the steering wheels controls. I've used the connects 2 adaptor CTSMC006.2 I'm assuming to get them working I...
  6. KillerHERTZ

    W202 Headunit

    Anyone got a cheap W202 headunit? nothing fancy required, cheap OEM?
  7. M.A.94

    W210 double din headunit facia

    So I have been looking to upgrade my headunit for a while and have been focusing typically in the single din market. I've not come across anything which has the spec I am after along with a nice look. Double dins on the other hand I see them going all the time for decent prices and with more...
  8. M.A.94

    Single din headunit recommendations

    I currently have the alpine cda-9812rb headunit, amazing unit with 60w per channel of internal power, also getting pretty rare these days. The unit is however starting to look a bit dated now and I was wondering what else is recommended (from those of you who still have single din units in...
  9. BIG_G_1979

    W211 xtrons headunit fitting advice

    Hi guys been bought a xtrons headunit for xmas has anyone any advice on fitting / wiring, best place to mount GPS antenna etc. My current head unit is an audio 20 with no cdc. Tia
  10. H

    MF2910 headunit - 10 cd changer part no?

    Does anyone know the part number for the 10 cd changer that is compatible with this headunit? I am keen to keep the system original and remove the POS that is currently taking up space for this changer in the boot. Possibly it was never installed from new but having had a look I have got the...
  11. A

    Help identifying headunit

    Dear all, Can any of you identify this r230 350 sl headunit? I saw a similar one on another R230: I believe there is no sat nav with it, is this correct? Here are the datacard options: 810 PREMIUM SOUND SYSTEM 819 CD CHANGER Any help much appreciated.
  12. O

    Wanting to replace w164 ml standard headunit

    Hello, this my 1st post, I've just purchased a ml 2007. The headunit is standard with just the CD player and things for phone functions. I wanted to change it for something newer that can access my iPhone and also have satnav. Wanted to keep the steering controls also. Has anyone done it...
  13. W

    W202 C43 AMG aftermarket stereo headunit fitting help

    Hello All Any advice greatly appreciated I already have a old Sony aftermarket unit fitted so old it has a tape! I want to fit Pioneer DEHX8700DAB I know I will need a DAB antenna but a complete noob with connections at back Is it just plug and play? What accessories and connectors will I...
  14. D

    Audio 10 CD headunit (with code) and multichanger

    Hi folks After swapping in a double-din unit with bluetooth, I'm now selling the Audio 10 Alpine CD head unit and CD multichanger that came fitted as standard to my w208. The head unit is in excellent condition and perfect working order, and comes with code. (This is the model, although...
  15. D

    HeadUnit 2006 CLK200 Kompressor W209

    Hi All My wife brought her car home and told me that her screen on the radio was very hot to touch and "bubbling" I know it sounds strange but yes the bottom right hand corner of the headunit (not quite a 1/4 of the screen) has bubbled or sort of melted - it looks more like a plastic film had...
  16. D

    A208 - Alternator noise, and replacement headunit

    Hi folks I picked up a 2000-model A208 on the weekend, and the stereo (Audio 10 CD with Bose) is making a hell of a whining noise when the engine is on. Experience suggests that this is probably a duff earth somewhere, so I was wondering if there were any usual suspects to check? If it...
  17. dddooommm

    CLK w209 Headunit aftermarket upgrade, what are the audio wiring block wire colours?

    MBCLUB members- This is my first well over due post, Really struggling for help & can't find any specific info on this! SRS system is my specialty- Please help with my aftermarket audio electrics. My overall outcome is to fit my aftermarket Pioneer headunit that was previously working...
  18. martyp87

    Aftermarket headunit and sound system in CL (W215)

    Hi all, So I'm a bit bored with my CL as it is undriveable and the poor thing has just sat on the drive for 3 months so I'm thinking of doing a little project with it. I figured as the factory sound system is completely pants and way out of date I could tackle this. Also the car is a lot...
  19. B

    Android headunit

    Has anyone installed these into their car? Seicane S127508 Quad-core Pure Android 4.4.4 Autoradio DVD GPS Head Unit for 2004-2011 Mercedes Benz CLK Class W209 CLK270 CLK320 CLK350 CLK500 CLK550 with Radio RDS Bluetooth 3G WiFi Mirror Link OBD2 16G Flash
  20. 91dm

    W163 Headunit interference

    Hello, I'm just upgrading the headunit in my W163 to a Alpine double din unit. On very low volumes there is a 'hiss/buzz' of interference, however not of the engine note. The noise is present engine running or not. There was no noise at low volumes with the original unit. I've...
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