1. brucemillar

    Building London before Health & Safety
  2. M

    Proud owner of a w211 E55, advice needed after health check

    Found a very good example e55 so I purchased it. Took it to a mb specialist to get the breather re sealed on both sides as it was leaking oil, while there I asked for a health check so now I am looking for parts and advice. The double ribbed pulley needs replacing due to play which is tearing...
  3. grober

    Private Health Care Conundrum

    Ian Paterson: Why have private patients not been compensated? - BBC News quote:- "While the vast majority of private operations are carried out correctly - and private patients are typically treated sooner than their NHS counterparts - the service they receive if things go wrong is not...
  4. Londonscottish

    212 E500 - rude bill of health from BSG

    My nearest indy (BSG) has carried out a lot of work on my Merc's over the years. These days I've moved away from the area a bit and tend to go local for the more trivial stuff but it's become a rite of passage to take any new purchase round there to have it checked out meticulously. And...
  5. A

    Health check

    Had a problem with my car and had to have it on star for an hour. I've had a intermittent fault with a boost sensor. Got the part coming Saturday. They send a video of the checks carried out, how novel is that:cool: Cheers Ben We have carried out a health check on your vehicle (DA62KZV)...
  6. D

    MB Health Check Today

    I had my newly acquired SL350 into my local dealer for their free winter health check. Only a couple of things came up: Rear pads 33% worn Drivers side rear light has some LED's missing. I'd already bought replacements from eBay so they will be fitted tomorrow. And that's it so good to...
  7. knighterrant

    Free Winter Health Check

    Has your MB had its check yet? Had mine done yesterday and once again delighted with the service I received. Not only did they check the car over for a list of items, they gave it a much needed wash and...
  8. rom1

    Free Summer Health Check

    Summer Health Check Get your car ready for the warmer weather with a Summer Health Check. When you book before 31 August 2016^ we will also carry out a free air conditioning treatment leaving your car’s system clean and fresh. Booked mines in at Leicester said they will give it a wash and...
  9. V

    MB spring health check - DONT

    Well I had my spring health check done and got the wipers done and had the complimentary wash done yesterday.... Well guess what if you are doing it at MB colindale DON'T! They had my car washed at their local subcontractor and my car has come back with if the cloth had fallen...
  10. bob6600

    FREE Wipers from MB (with health check)

    OK so we know they will issue a list of work that 'needs' doing as long as your arm but if you need wipers it may be worth a shot Spring Health Check
  11. E

    Car Battery Health and Replacement

    Hi, My question is this: do these cars usually have warning signs and symptoms that the battery is nearing its last days? The car in question specifically is a 2006 C200 CDI. The battery is a little over 4 years old. A few weeks ago, I've had about 2 instances when I got a low voltage...
  12. HotJambalaya

    A couple of points on the 'visual health check'

    Just got sent the link to the visual health check and they've raised a couple of points, mostly filler but I'm wondering about a couple of bits. 1) Front brake pads 70% worn. ok? so when are they usually changed? Seems very worn considering I only have 28k miles on the car? 2) Inside of the...
  13. Meldrew2

    Important Health & Safety advice

    This sign should be everywhere…
  14. T

    Clean bill of health and recommendation

    Happy bunny today! Took the E55 on another 1000 jaunt this week with no issues. So I thought I'd treat it to a mechanical once over. I decided to use the boys at Eurocharge in Watford and I couldn't be happier. Not only do they clearly know their Mercedes but they gave the car car the thumbs...
  15. G

    Main dealer health check

    Hi all. Main dealer just called me to offer a free winter health check. It takes an hour apparently so sounds like a mini visual service. Anyone used this and is it worthwhile?
  16. Rashman

    MB Complimentary health check

    What a croc of sh#t. With my pending trip to Germany next weekend, I booked the car for a complimentary health check today. Car was serviced a month or two ago. I always ask them to check everything, even asking them to do stuff that don't necessarily need doing. Apparently, nothing needed...
  17. blondee

    Recommendations for health check, Midlands? Staffs? Shropshire?

    Evening all, hope you're ok. I'm looking for someone in the Midlands, Staffordshire or Shropshire area that's recommended for an overall health check & going over on my car. I bought my three weeks ago from a dealership and it's fab, really pleased but a week in the sign popped up on my dash...
  18. G

    Health check for a W211 I just bought

    Booked a free health check with local MB dealer for a 2005 E280CDI which I bought privately (no warranty) a few days a ago. apart from a noisy SBM the car drives fine. No warning messages and car is only 29K miles. Car always serviced at the same local MB dealer till last service at indi. Any...
  19. tali

    Postcode health Map

    Even hours of sunshine! "People can tap in their postcode on and discover rates of certain illnesses in their area, as well as how they fare for potentially dangerous environmental factors." Home page | The Environment and Health Atlas
  20. DSM10000

    Important information about your health records

    A friend staying with us was reading the Guardian on line today and reminded me of this. Why your health secrets may no longer be safe with your GP | Society | The Observer As it is likely to not be universally known I thought I would post the article here so you can all make your own informed...
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