1. D

    W245 - I can hear it rusting

    So the wifes W245 has rusty rear arches *again* and while MB are doing a dance, I'm expecting they are going to just laugh at me when it comes to sorting it out. Yesterday, also found that the boot-floor-pan with the spare wheel in was like a swimming pool. The reason - water is coming in from...
  2. M

    Now you hear it now you don't !

    Hi - my first post! I bought a 2007 CL500 two weeks ago and apart from an intermittent engine warning light (which the garage are trying to sort out) the audio is playing up! Jump in, turn the key and sometimes there is only a crackling sound from the passenger side speaker. It is the radio...
  3. developer

    Lets Hear Of A Significant Moment In Your Life

    With the forum being a community (for most) and it being a quiet Sunday morning I thought I'd start another "people" thread, by enquiring about a significant life event that could be shared. Happy or sad, cheerful or morose. Birth of children doesn't count, unless different from the norm...
  4. T

    new hear

    hi all i drive a 638 112cdi vito auto 192000 on the clock apart from the rust ever-ware drives well :dk: i do have a few probs thow
  5. developer

    Lets Hear From The Tuned 3 Series Brigade

    An interesting "encounter" today. A 58 plate 3 series, badged as a 320d, looking completely standard. It could have been anything, however, it only had a single exhaust pipe, oval in shape. Smoke each time it was gunned (DPF delete perhaps?). 3 people aboard - I was alone. The only...
  6. J

    whats all this clay bar'ing I hear about

    I thought i would buy some clay bar, specifically some Bilt-Hamber stuff as it was recommended by autoexpress and was only a tenner of eBay. I wanted to make my car look spick and span as I’m having my wheels refurbed on Tuesday. Am i right in thinking I just rub this bar across the...
  7. 0ptic

    C32 owners, can you hear your IC pump?

    I changed my intercooler pump today. I was having a bit of a tear up with a Audi on the motorway the other day. I kept leaving him when I gave it a boot full but only in bursts as I let him catch up to do it again :o I've been a bit of a kid again since getting the C32! Coming up a long drag...
  8. N

    Driving over speed humps hear a funny noise what could it be?

    When driving over a speed hump at low speed in the CLS i hear a noise like if your shaking a bag of nuts/bolts any idea on what it could be or is this a normal noise?
  9. S

    Lets hear your most embarrasing break up stories

    Right, I will kick off.... Was seeing this girl up in Aberdeen, 150 miles or so away. Beeing going well, she said come up for the weekend, and the 3hour drive gave me plenty of time to think about what a great time I was to be having... Well...we got there, she said, meet me at the pub. All...
  10. poormansporsche

    go on then lets hear your "meet the parents" stories ....

    To get the ball rolling my one (actually Mercedes related as well !) Many many moons ago my girlfriend of the time (now the wife) was due to come round my house for the first time, nothing formal. My dad asked me to help him off with the hard top of his brand new SL. He promptly forgot about...
  11. developer

    Lets Hear It From The Craving Buster Experts

    I'm ok at breakfast, I'm ok at lunch, I can manage a sensible evening meal (if I try hard) and I don't drink, however, I get the munchies really badly when at home on the sofa, and as such I'm overweight by some margin (17 1/2 stone, 5ft 11 1/2). I'd welcome any tips on beating the cravings...
  12. Borys

    C63 must hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, I will stand by it - 6.3 v8 engine best sounding beast ever made :rock::rock::rock::rock::rock: Decatted Mercedes C63 AMG BRUTAL SOUND!! - YouTube
  13. W

    Mr Vettel, I hear you drive a pump motor?

    BBC News - Bloodhound diary: Looking towards a supersonic New Year
  14. M

    Let's hear it for the Navy's first woman driver...

    The Royal Navy has appointed a woman to command a warship for the first time, errr well, I'm sure that's what I read. You could not possibly comment, could you??:)
  15. Druk

    Scots cyclists to be taxed. You can hear the screams already.

    Government in talks over tax on cyclists - Scotland on Sunday
  16. KillerHERTZ

    How high can you hear?

    Heres a test for you guys: Im 28 and I can (just about - heard it once) hear up to 18.8khz (Thats KillerHERTZ :D ) I will attempt it again tomorrow as my ears are still suffering from last nights D&B event :devil: LINK Expect all the dogs in the neighbourhood to start barking :)
  17. pammy

    I will never hear church bells ringing again without smiling...

    Upon hearing that her elderly grandfather had just passed away, Katie went straight to her grandparent's house to visit her 95- year-old grandmother and comfort her. When she asked how her grandfather had died, her grandmother replied, "He had a heart attack while we were making love on Sunday...
  18. Satch

    Hormones make women safer drivers (I will never hear the end of this)

    The female hormone oestrogen could give women the edge when it comes to tasks such as safe driving, say researchers. Tests showed attention span and ability to learn rules were far better among women than men. The Bradford University scientists told a hormone conference in London how...
  19. Ian B Walker

    you gotta hear this

    Just had this sent to me, if you have sound listen, hilarious :D http://masteroni.student.utwente.nl/hu.html
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