1. W

    Interior hearing control

    Morning all and Happy Easter. Not sure if this should be in this section or Interior but here goes anyway. I've an old 210 with the 'manual' air con/ heating controls. In the last few days the passenger side is running at full heat regardless of temperature control dial position. Driver side...
  2. Jay2512

    Think I'm hearing noises??

    Just so I'm not losing the plot but I could swear my GLC 250D has started making what I can only describe as a whir noise on a cold start up. It only lasts for the first 30 seconds or so of driving and only on a cold engine. It's pitch increases with engine speed. The dealer changed the aux...
  3. V

    Hearing worrying things on the 250 diesel engine

    Was thinking of buying a E250, but having spoken to somebody who works at MB dealership, I'm not so sure now. He had some very damning things to say of them and advised me to stay clear. 1) Sump is plastic and he's had to replace a number of sumps on customers cars where other garages have...
  4. babyblueCE

    Problems with hearing

    I have posted about this problem here before but I am still having problems with my radiator. The warm air inside the car only seems to be coming out from the passenger side vents but not the drivers side. I have put the air on full inside the car and taken the rad cap off but still no change...
  5. WesLangdon

    hearing aid beige

    MERCEDES 250TD DIESEL ESTATE G REG - RARE - FULLY LOADED AND 1 PREVIOUS OWNER!! | eBay apart from the colour and dodgy front seat covers this looks a bit of a gem
  6. grober

    Bernie E is that a bell I'm hearing?

    "Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee" might just be the order of the day according to some reports. Bribery scandal could end Ecclestone's reign in F1 - Autoweek and Bernie Ecclestone a court witness in Gerhard Gribkowsky bribe case | Sport | guardian.co.uk
  7. johnsco

    Telephone for the hard of hearing

    My wife's favourite mother is 92 and VERY hard-of-hearing. She has always struggled with the telephone. Can any forum members recommend a loud telephone that is simplicity-itself to use. It really needs to shout at her. We tried one with a loud-speaking facility, but it's never been very good...
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

    I normally wouldnt ever post anything like this, but having a family member in a Nursing Home made it even more heartwarming: NKDXuCE7LeQ
  9. M

    Should I be hearing this?

    Hi Folks Just got my 1994 C180 working again (new ig leads did the trick) but... Has been fine for the past couple of weeks, used 5 or 6 six days a week, starts every time, idle is now smooth, power returned. Got in it this morning, drove a couple of miles, all fine. Got in again 1/2...
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