1. brucemillar

    Not for the faint hearted.

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  2. nick mercedes

    is light hearted racism ever ok?

    Me, I think it's never ok, will the beeb agree? "The BBC’s TV chief has ordered a sweeping internal investigation into Top Gear amid concerns about racism and offensive gaffes on the show. The review of the show’s culture and practices, ordered by BBC director of television Danny Cohen...
  3. Dave Richardson

    A light hearted post for the older members amongst us Part 3

    OMG the MODS will hate me Who can recall going to the shops with just a few pennies (that's 2d not 2p) We bought Sherbert fountains, fruit salad sweets, black jack sweets, Lucky bags, Jamboree bags, five boys chocolate, liquorice wheels. Smiths crisps with blue bags of salt...
  4. Dave Richardson

    A light hearted post for the older members amongst us Part 2

    So the oldies rule on this site then, over 600 views. So then who can recall these accessories that we bought in our youth :doh:.:wallbash: (1) A Clip on parking light. Manufactured by I think by Rayot it was clipped on to the top of the drivers wind up window & had a red lens to the...
  5. Dave Richardson

    A light hearted post for the older members amongst us

    Ok for those who can remember the days when you buy 3 gallons of petrol for £1 (that being the green folding paper note). Whilst chatting with a friend the other evening the subject of old car related advertising came up, so who can recall the following ? (1) What did we put in the tank &...
  6. B

    Great Obama Speech, light hearted joking

    Great Obama speech, from this week Obama Jokes At 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner - YouTube
  7. Gollom

    Light Hearted help needed in judging!

    Suzy Cute and I have 2 of my grandsons staying today (Jack and Christian) so we decided to make Mothers Days cards with them. Of course Sue and I made 1 each too as a gesture of solidarity! (We really MUST grow up one day!!!!) Anyways, could you please help in judging the best efforts? First 2...
  8. chriswt

    Snow! for those who are fed up with the moaning! (light hearted)

    Yes it wasn't great weather, yes some people were worse effected than others and I for one are fed up with peoples terrible driving skills but anyone who's fed up with the moaning feel free to post here! 'Snow costs the UK millions'...how about all the cafes and restaurants, outdoor clothing...
  9. 01goodwina

    Not for the faint hearted MB lover.

  10. Thmsshaun

    Hardcore 202! Not for the faint hearted

    Just been getting some more ideas for the car lol. :devil: Dont panic I dont need carting off in a straight jacket just yet. I do like the rear light clusters. The bonnet and headlights. Think it gives a newer look. Other than that :rolleyes: View at own risk :eek:
  11. V12

    Light hearted fun

    For anyone with time and a good sence of humour... mersedes renz Seems interestin, only read a small part of the site...:bannana:
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