1. C

    W164 heated seat issue

    Hi my drivers heated seat appears to be only heating my back and not the base. Anyone had similar problem and is there any diy fix ? Cheers CB Just noticed i should of posted this in "interior "
  2. F

    Mercedes s211 rear heated seats

    Hello I think I read somewhere that the s211 rear seats already have the heating built into the seats but you need to buy new rear window switches (the ones with the heated seats button) does anyone have any knowledge about this since I was interested in doing a rear heated seats retrofit...
  3. D

    Heated seats swap

    Hi all, I will soon have 2 CLS's sat on my drive, my bought back insurance write off and my new CLS. The new one doesnt have heated seats. Can I swap the seats and switches to install the heated seats fairly easily or it is more difficult than that?
  4. Drewsk

    Heated seats

    Hi, Ive bought my first MB, it's a 11 reg C220 CDI Blu efficiency ( lovely car, why have I not bought one sooner?) Question is, it has leather interior and I cannot find the heated seat switches, do they have heated seats?, are the automatically heated?, do some vehicles not have heated seats...
  5. K

    w123 280TE air, leather, cruise, heated seats...

    1986 Mercedes 280TE (W123) | eBay Restored and nearly 300k miles.
  6. D

    Mercedes clk w208 97-02 hard top roof with heated glass in silver

  7. L

    W210 heated interior

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to replace my seats as I fitted non heater to a car which had heated seats however the ones I'm looking at seem to have different stitching similar to amg seats but apparently they're not!? Could anyone tell me why this is please
  8. Beef Dogg

    C124 Grey heated electric leather interior

    Seats, Carpets, doorcards and seals all available. From a 1993 e220 Pictures available soon.
  9. clk320x

    Does my clk have heated seats sewn in

    My clk has not got heated seats and I am considering retrofitting I have been looking around forums and have read that sometimes Mercedes preft the heating elements into the seat simply without fitting the harnes and switch? How can I find out if this is the case? Cheers
  10. Mo2312

    W209 heated seat not working

    Hi All So coldest time of the year and my drivers side heated seat has decided to stop working. The switch does not light up when pressed, all other seat electrics work fine, movement, memory, just not heated seat on drivers side only. I've checked the fuses on the drivers side panel and seem...
  11. Petrol Pete

    Heated mirror, not heating.

    Hi 2006 C55. The passenger side door mirror does not heat up, can anyone advise if this might have a separate fuse, usual places to check for loose connections etc. can the element be replaced ? or is it embedded in the glass ? I just want to ask anyone out there with experience of this...
  12. G

    Wanted 0 E210 drivers wing mirror, electric, heated blue glass

    Hi, For my E55. The spring clip has snapped and though I know you can bodge repair them i'd like a replacement. The glass also is bronze rather than blue on the passenger side so I assume its been hit at some stage and replaced. Does anyone have the inners of the mirror that bolts to the door...
  13. M

    270cdi ML Both heated seats not working

    Hi all, hoping for some guidance here. I have a 2002 , 270 cdi ML, both the front heated seats have not worked whilst i have owned it. Both buttons for the seats light up solid when selected (not flashing), and i can hear the relays under the seats clicking when i operate the buttons. I have...
  14. C

    Heated dimming drivers side mirror, W211

    Hi Looking for a heated, dimming replacement mirror, W211, 2005 reg. Please let me know if you have a spare! Thanks!
  15. C

    Wiring aftermarket heated wing mirror?

    Hi - I recently bought a replacement drivers side wing mirror, as the OEM Merc mirror had become "foggy". The OEM Merc mirror has 4 wires going into it, the new mirror has 2 x tags for soldering. Photos attached - OEM has plug and wires, new mirror has only tags for soldering wires onto...
  16. JohnEclass

    Heated Seats

    My heated seat seems to turn itself on, not all the time maybe once a week on full heat... suddenly realise its getting seriously hot, then spot the 3 lights lit on the heated seat switch... only on drivers side. Only started happening last 2-3 weeks Any thoughts?:dk:
  17. A

    A207 Heated Rear Window

    How can I check the heated rear window and heated mirrors are working properly.....they don't seem to clear the glass of droplets. On the HRW, I have checked voltage on heater strands using a multimeter and grounded to door latch - zero when not on, 0.6v when switched on?...would have expected...
  18. M

    W124 Mushroom heated, memory, multi contour driver seat

    Some parts I intended fitting to my car but haven't got around to and need some space back. 1x Drivers seat for w124 saloon or estate. Mushroom leather, heated, memory and multi contour 1x Brand new switch for the multi contour functions (MB part in box) 1x Wiring harness for the memory...
  19. T

    R171 SLK AMG 55 Heated Seat broken

    Hi People I Just spent lots of money on a new replacement heated seat pan, over a grand ! I now have a spare one, which I have now fixed ,what should I do with the spare keep it or still it ?
  20. M

    C280 Heated rear window switch won't go out

    Hi there everyone :) i am recently a new and very proud owner of a silver w202 C280 sport. (pictures to follow) once i pick her up on Saturday! one slight niggle that is bothering me is the heated rear window switch light does not seem to want to go off. if you press the button quickly it...
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