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    Problem with CLK Heater/AC

    Im a new member, living in New Zealand, I have recently purchased a 2003 CLK 320, a W209 I think, I have problem with my climate control, I have no heat at all coming out, I have cold air only coming out of the passenger foot well, and some cold air coming out of the vents, nothing out of the...
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    W210 heater/AC display removal

    Please excuse; I found the answer elsewhere.http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/images/smilies/doh.gif E55BOF
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    Heater/AC stuck on

    Hopefully somebody here can help me out. Today my battery died, for the first time. So after spending a lot of time finding someone with jump leads and searching this forum for the "How to open the boot with no power trick", God why did they make it so hard? Surely 1 mechanical lever in the...
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    1996 C230 Heater/AC fan finally stopped???

    Hi, I have a 1996 c230 estate. I had it for about a year, the heater/AC fan has been intermittantly stopping for a couple of months, now it simply doesn't work. I've checked the fuse which is fine. I removed and dismantled the control unit and checked the switch and the resistance was changing...
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