1. mat8n

    Hive, Nest, smart heating?

    Does anyone have this? I work away and think this could be useful for me, just wondering about real world experience of it? Ta
  2. H

    heating not working

    I have a 2012 180 c class estate , the problem i have is 2 times now i have got in the car and drove off to notice that the heating is not switched on i have tried turning it on but the panel is just blank , if i stop the car get out and lock it up and come back a few minutes later start the car...
  3. Headhurts

    Home heating oil

    Hi to all, I wondered if any members have any inside knowledge for the trend in heating oil? I had an email from Boiler Juice indicating there could be a leap in prices. I normally try to buy in spring/summer as prices normally drop, I have between 800 to 1000 litres left and this time of...
  4. M

    heating problem

    Hello and thanks for letting me in the group. I have a E class 250 CDI Sport its a beautiful car and a joy to drive. Recently I noticed that when the heating was turned up to high it remained lets say cold...? I have took it to the garage and they cannot find out what the matter is with the...
  5. Charles Morgan

    W124 heating issue - not blowing to windscreen

    A puzzler. My W124 estate produces heat very nicely and the air con works. But when on defrost there is no airflow to the upper vents to clear the screen at any fan speed. Any suggestions for the likely fault and best way to sort it? It's a pain in winter. Edit - the heater control panel...
  6. Petrol Pete

    Heated mirror, not heating.

    Hi 2006 C55. The passenger side door mirror does not heat up, can anyone advise if this might have a separate fuse, usual places to check for loose connections etc. can the element be replaced ? or is it embedded in the glass ? I just want to ask anyone out there with experience of this...
  7. Braincrank

    heating pump

    Hello . I think the issue with not getting enough heat is linked to that pump (sorry, I don't know the correct name of it) I just took it out because I thought it might be gunked up but it's as clean and I can turn the impeller easily. I then connected it to the battery but it's dead as a dodo...
  8. V

    Fuel filter integrated heating sensor

    Hey guys,will be replacing the fuel filter on my W204 C220 cdi, do you guys just change the filter and transfer over the integrated heating sensor from your old filter. Or is it best just to buy the filter with a new sensor already attached?
  9. L

    Heating Controls Issue

    Hi Just wondering if I could pick your brains. The missus had been complaining that sometimes she's cold when driving our 2003 ML270 W163. Not sure if standard but Ive got the LED lit up heating controls. I didnt think anything of it as Id always been warm. Today I was driving and for the first...
  10. L

    W212 E350 thermostat & heating problem

    Hi, wonder can anyone offer their opinion on this. I think my thermostat is locked in the open position. On these cold mornings I struggle to get the car above 40deg, maybe 50deg in the town. Has anyone else experienced this. I presume that the thermostat is fully open and continually letting...
  11. I

    Auxiliary heating set up?.

    Can somebody please help me? How do you set up the auxiliary heating on my car it's a c class s205 2015 someone said you do it through dash display?but I am unable to find out how to do it probably it's a simple operation
  12. alan1304

    No heating.

    Hi guys. This has probably been covered before on here but I can't find the exact problem on here at the moment. My W202 C180 Esprit suddenly has no heating. For the last 5 years every time I turned the ignition on I would hear a quiet, gentle whirring for about 10 seconds and then the blower...
  13. B

    First Mercedes, heating issues

    Hello, First of all I want to say thank you for having such nice place with so mich useful information. I just bought my dream car- W220. My luck was only with the S280, but I feel like I did the right choice. However, I hope I chose the roght car. Not too sure yet. Anyway, now to the...
  14. Pfinix

    Mercedes w126 heating problems

    Hi There, I have problem with heating in my 1989 mercedes 420 sec, is constant heating. I search a little already and looks like it is a monovalve, and now is a question for all you w126 gurus out there, what is your suggestions to solve this issues (maybe it is something else), and second...
  15. S

    W163 Heating staying cold

    Does anyone know anything about the following My w163 a few months back heating stopped blowing warm air despite a fully warmed engine. Before I had a chance to investigate it began working again until a few days ago. Any ideas why it would work intermittently? Not sure if it's...
  16. Tan

    Underfloor heating

    Hi We are looking to build an extension (25 square metres and height of 3metres) and have underfloor heating in it. We want warm water system as it can be connected to our boiler, would this be sufficient to keep the room warm on its own or would we need radiators also? Any advice on...
  17. M


    my car heater is not getting very warm, what can be the fault, termostat or the heater control or some thing else, please help
  18. N

    Problems with my heating after a leak on a 1997 C180

    Hi everyone, You've all kindly saved me a massive garage bill before when my MAF sensor was dodgy when I first got the car, so I'm praying someone knowledgeable could maybe help me again. During these storms, my 1997 Mercedes C180 Espirit decided to have a MASSIVE leak in my passenger...
  19. S

    C180 Heating Issue

    Hello, I have a heating issue with my C180 Kompressor (55 plate) - purchased in the summer of 2015, hence only noticing this problem now. Any assistance would be appreciated. Two issues: 1) Need to have car running stationary for about an 45 mins for it to warm up enough for the needle...
  20. BAZ-500SL

    R129 500sl over heating

    Ello guys, got a bit of a problem on stand still my r129 500sl begins to over heat, the car has only covered 800/900 miles in like 3/4 years, I have bleed the system for air form a nut above the thermostat, but it still is the same I dunno if it could be the thermostat problem, there's no lots...
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