1. PaulPJ

    Exhaust Heatshield

    Hi Chaps, noticed a rattle as I pulled out of drive over the weekend, looked under car and the heatshield above back box was resting on the backbox as the 10mm nuts had corroded through the heatshield itself. I managed to undo one of the nuts (nearest one) and put a larger steel washer in place...
  2. S

    e300d exhaust heatshield loose

    Noticed recently a metallic rattle when stopping the engine of my w124 e300d.Had a quick look underneath and found the centre section exhaust heatshield loose at its front end. Its still screwed to the floor at the rear, but access to secure the front does'nt look possible without removing the...
  3. J

    Exhaust/Cat Heatshield - SLK200 R170

    Hey folks, The heatshield on my SLK had corroded at each of the mounting points and was sitting on the middle section of the exhaust system, just resting on the cat causing a very annoying rattle. Took it to a garage to get it up on the ramp and have a proper look. Had it removed and the...
  4. PeterE320Cdi

    Exhaust Heatshield- what does it do?

    Much to my surprise my car passed it's MOT today.:bannana: The exhaust heatshield had fallen off and was loose on top of the exhaust so they removed it and left it in the boot. Do I need to get this refitted or is it ok to leave it off?
  5. OneCarefulOwner

    S124 Exhaust heatshield loose - how to secure?

    As the title says, the heatshield over my exhaust isn't secured in any way; it's not come off completely, but it does rattle forwards and dip under the car, and I'm worried about damaging it on a speedbump or maybe even catching it and dragging both it and the exhaust off the back of the...
  6. A

    Heatshield mounting

    Hey guys, I've got an irritating vibrating type sound when i'm doing about 80-85mph and it sounds like its coming from the mid-back area. There's 2 types of sound, there's a clangy metal flapping sound and there's this (vooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm) type vibrating sound, but i think they're both...
  7. ShinyF1

    W210 Estate Exhaust Heatshield

    Still driving along country lanes and traced an annoying 'squeak' to a small heatshield (approx 8"x6" curved profile) above the exhaust tailpipes. I pulled it off as it was about to fall of its own accord. Will I cause any heat damage whilst this is not in place? I would have refixed it but...
  8. S

    w124......rattly heatshield

    The exhaust heatshield seems to have shed its bolts (corroded and snapped by the look of it). Question is can I get the bloody thing back on without having to pull the back box off etc. Any advice coz its rattling like a bugger?
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