1. Inquisitor

    Heavy Steering 2012 GL350cdi (X164)

    Looking for advice on heavy steering issue. Three weeks ago towed caravan with family (and kitchen sink, Et Al all camping stuff) to Brittany for summer Hols. 500 mile trip there, the GL just ate it up! Whilst out there a few days after arriving and now running solo unhitched, I noticed after...
  2. B

    Steering feels heavy 2.7 E Class.

    Hi all the steering feels very heavy on her E Class 2005 2.7 compared to my S class 3.2, any ideas please. Thanks' Bill.
  3. S

    For sale MB SL R129 Hardtop Stand - Heavy Duty - MINT

    Selling my SL R129 heavy duty hardtop stand, in mint condition Just renewed the foam support cushions so as good as new. See link for lots of pics and full description Mercedes Benz SL R129 Hardtop Stand (Heavy Duty Panoramic Glass version) | eBay Sorry there is only 8 hours left to bid.
  4. merc85

    Brutus w211 e55k Warning Pic Heavy

    Took some upto date pics of Brutus, Finished with Zymol Carbon Wax
  5. T

    New CLS - heavy steering, no power to centre console, abs/esp

    Hi guys, recently purchased a 2006 CLS 320cdi - all of a sudden after being parked for a bit I jumped the battery and have had following problems: centre console sat nav/cd has zero power abs/ esp light on steering has gone heavy car judders in higher revs (read someone the gearbox can be...
  6. wu56Shoozz

    A New Heavy Metal Tribute Band ..

    "Twisted F***** Seat Belts" Is it me or Mercedes make crap seat belts.. both my Vito and C Class suffer this and it gets annoying, whereby you unclip the belt go to get out the vehicle and..there's a pool of belt lying in the floorwell, but its twisted up at the pillar and jammed in the...
  7. D

    Picked up new Coupe (pic heavy)

    Hi guys, After placing my order in September, I picked up my new Coupe yesterday. When they did the reveal in the showroom I was mega impressed with the looks of the car - and as the salesman had told me before hand, its a magnet because people then start to gather round it. This is my third...
  8. W

    C200 cdi w204 heavy clutch when driving for long periods

    Hi guy's some help needed My c200 cdi w204, after driving for roughly 20-30 miles the clutch becomes very stiff to depress or if I hit heavy traffic start stop, but if I pump the pedal a few times it seems to go back to normal ?
  9. MWCLS

    OEM MERCEDES heavy duty rubber over mats with fixings.

    Very little use, genuine parts. £90.00 Inc vat from Mercedes. There fit C219 and w211 s211. 2002 - 2011 £40.00 Michael 07912 284996 again collection preferred due to weight. IG Essex area .These were manufactured in 2006 so not the filmsy ones being sold now. On Ebay 322241386095
  10. C

    CLS320 Heavy Steering..FIXED !!!

    Hi All Sorted problem at last after changing all front bushes,steering rack and pump!! Fitted new Caster bolts x 2 from MB dealer...problem now sorted...
  11. C

    CLS320 Heavy Steering

    Hi,:dk: have stiff/heavy steering on my 320cls (hydraulic steering). when engine switched off but ignition still on it is impossible to turn the steering wheel. Is this normal as I thought I would be able to turn wheel albeit very heavy?? All comments gratefully received !!
  12. M

    Heavy Steering ML

    My ML 320cdi w164 seems to have quite heavy steering not at parking speed but noticeable on roundabouts. Also there is slight clunking type noises but has just had a new mot from the dealer is bought it from! The previous mot mentioned this but said no ill effect. Is this a common trate in...
  13. C

    320CLS Heavy Steering

    Hi..Have changed all ball joints and front shocks but steering still heavy with no self centering when cornering. checked Hyd steering pump but it has a pair of wires coming out of it although the car does not have parametric steering...there is also a pair of wires coming from steering...
  14. pmcgsmurf

    W211 Heavy Steering - Pump/Rack Fault Diagnosis ?

    Hi folks Anyone got any advice on how to diagnose source of heavy steering on a W211? I've done a lot of work to the old W211 and the only thing that annoys me on the car is the heavy steering. Don't really notice it until I jump into the W212 then I really see how heavy the steering is on the...
  15. brucemillar

    No rear lights in heavy rain.

    I drove from North Kent to Brighton and back today. M20, M26. M25, M23. The weather was shocking with monsoon rain and spray reducing the visibility to just a few yards in places. So why is it that so many cars (and I mean loads of them) had no rear lights on? They had front lights on –...
  16. brucemillar

    No rear lights in heavy rain.

    I drove from North Kent to Brighton and back today. M20, M26. M25, M23. The weather was shocking with monsoon rain and spray bringing the visibility down to just a few yards in places. So why is it that so many cars (and I mean loads of them) had no rear lights on? They had front lights on...
  17. C

    320 cls heavy steering

    Hi All recently purchased above car , very pleased with it but steering v heavy..all suspension joints checked and wheels tracked but no improvement. Any CLS320 owners experience heavy steering...would welcome feedback from CLS owners...thanks...
  18. grober

    VAG to recall half a million cars in the US.

    VW have been found guilty of using specific software to fiddle their smog emission test results. :o:o:o The cars ECU was programmed to detect when the car was being tested for smog emission as opposed to driving along the road normally and switch to a smog emission lowering mode for the...
  19. Reggie-rock

    Heavy duty battery for my A209....confusion

    I need a new battery for my 2006 CLK 350 Convertible, and need to know what is the best one to buy with the most power. I have looked on Ebay which in many listings the battery that will fit has the best performance measures 353mm long, but the maximum the battery can be fitted in the tray is...
  20. Swift1092

    W211 e55 knocking/osilating under heavy acceleration

    I have a w211 e55 and the last few days when acceleration hard ive noticed the gear shifter vibrating/bouncing and a horrible rubbing/ossilating/knocking sound coming fron the front of the car, this is only under hard acceleration or kickdown Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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