1. brucemillar

    Bloody hell.

    http://www.kentonline.co.uk/weald/news/delivery-driver-put-lives-of-131653/ Sent from my iPhone using sausage fingers.
  2. sssammm

    Bloody hell

    66 plate car brought to my friend for a complete colour change, the wife dont like white......so they are changing it to.......................Magnolia!!!!!!!
  3. brucemillar

    What the hell is happening here?

    So many of these types of attacks. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/teenager-suffers-severe-burns-to-face-after-being-attacked-with-corrosive-substance-in-fulham-a3519106.html { "Accept-Encoding" = ( gzip ); "Content-Length" = ( 58 )...
  4. RyanMuller

    What the hell to get the other half for Christmas?

    Any ideas on what to get our other halves for Christmas? I am the cliché buy chocolates and flowers, but there are only so many years I can get away with that one. We have just bought a house so it may be wise to get something useful for the new pad. Maybe to deck the garage out into a man...
  5. D

    Over a year of hell.....

    Desperate for some helpful input. My 2002 R230 (76k) has had a very loud tinny rattling/buzzing coming from what, (sounds like), underneath the front third of the vehicle, seemingly slightly more to passenger side. It rarely occurs on cold startup but once run to temp, is guaranteed to start...
  6. fabes

    Where the hell is summer!!!?

    A very British rant, over :wallbash:
  7. T

    how the hell do I change rear bulb w204

    hi - how the hell do you change the rear light bulb in my w204 c220 amg sport. this is your normal rear light for night driving - there are two strips on each side. the only bulbs on the bulb holder attachment when you unlock are brake and reversing lights. there appears to be two very small...
  8. D

    Hell of a way to advertise your car

    I don't think I want to buy it! 2008 Mercedes Benz E63 estate? for Auction - Anglia Car Auctions
  9. Mrhanky

    S211 E55 blue 1 owner 39k miles -hell of a price tag for a LHD

    Rare estate in a rare colour, shame they had no taste on the interior. 2005 55 MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS 5.4 E55 AMG 5D AUTO 470 BHP | eBay
  10. Pitts Pilot

    Oh F@@king Hell!

    Last night whilst my car was parked a taxi driver side swiped it :-( Thanks to my neighbour - who was being dropped off at the time, the taxi driver left his details on a note under a windscreen wiper. So the insurance is pretty straight forward. Still a bl00dy pain. Hey Ho, that's...
  11. T

    Please help.kickdown hell.

    I am in dire need of someone who has cured my cars problem. I have a 2002 s203 c200 1.8 kompressor auto. other than a fault on the lambda which I am currently in the process of curing as I just fitted a new one. after I accelerate hard or kickdown the car will be sluggish as if in limp mode...
  12. developer

    AC/DC Cover - Highway To Hell.

    Or at least I think that's what I heard... Guitar, what guitar :crazy::D. d2RZXeQc5HU
  13. P

    Where the hell is the transmission tube?

    Hello all, Can someone tell me where I can find the transmission fluid dipstick please? I know there is no actual dipstick, but where do i find the tube? Its a W209 CLK 320 Auto, 2003 There is a tube at the rear of the engine with a black cap on, but I think thats the engine oil one...
  14. Palfrem

    How the hell do they do that then?

    BBC News - Fuel stolen from pipeline under Deputy PM's Kent residence "30,000 litres of fuel a day were stolen over seven months, with a value of £8.3m at the pumps" That a lot of fuel and a lot of tankers to take it away....
  15. S

    Not a MB but one hell of a car - BMW M5 2014

    What a car this is the handling for a big saloon is just stunning and feedback through the steering wheel that I wish MB could replicate. As for the engine bay its pretty tight in there! Pretty much fresh from the dealer but just no fast enough so in for a few upgrades :D...
  16. poormansporsche

    How the hell do you get off winder handle W202 ??

    like it says, Ive got Council windows in the back and need to take the door trim off but buggered if I know how to get the sod off !! cheers Brett
  17. H

    I've died and gone to W124 hell

  18. poormansporsche

    What the hell is this and what does it do ????

    Excuse my crappy drawing. Its inside the front door on a W202 between the central locking and door handle. Whatever it is its scratched the fook out of my window. Whilst trying to bend it away from the glass (not being able to see anything) it appears to have pinged off somewhere but the...
  19. grober

    You Can Go to Hell, I'm Going to Texas

    It was a mite too long but the laughs made up for it. Rich Hall's You Can Go to Hell, I'm Going to Texas was a rare insight into what makes Texicans tick. Serious, affectionate, ascerbic -stuffed with popular culture references and as wide ranging as the state itself- a must see for lovers...
  20. ringway

    As a passenger, this is my idea of Hell!

    I saw this posted by *** on the other side. As a passenger, this would pretty much finish me off. There's no denying that the M5 is very quick! :crazy: gpAzXqIcWzc
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