1. R

    Buying a W211 - opinions very helpful

    Hi. For three months have been looking for a clean W211. Criteria is full service history (advice taken from here), under 100k miles (significantly less if available) and toys of Sat Nav and heated seats with full leather interior. Prefer 320 over 280 over 270 over 220, again based on...
  2. developer

    The Best (most helpful) LR Freelander Forum

    My sister needs Freelander advice after a local garage failed to diagnose her engine problems. Which forum should she use?
  3. N

    Which car? Some helpful advice needed?

    OK strange old time for me at the mo re jobs and stuff but hoping to secure new one in the next few weeks and with it my first company car. So I am looking at something a lot more economical than my E240 as 300 miles to a £55 tank is a bit daft and could be looking at either an E270CDI or...
  4. ckember

    A very helpful stealer

    I would like to congratulate Hughes of Aylsebury for an excellent job when servicing my W203. This was my first trip to a stealer for a service. I had booked the car in as they said I could have a C220 CDI courtesy car whilst the service was done. However on arrival I was rtold the car I had...
  5. Ian B Walker

    Helpful people

    Aletank has just offered to assist with a problem. To anyone new to this group this is what it is all about. Good, friendly, helpful people with a sense of humour. As I said to him, it just makes you feel like you want to help others in any capacity. THIS GROUP ROCKS:rock: :rock: :rock...
  6. GrahamC230K

    Helpful Car Stereo Forum

    Helpfull Car Stereo Forum
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