1. grober


    Bail of $30,000 set for UK cyber expert Marcus Hutchins - BBC News I am guessing at this moment the guy feels like he has strayed on to the film set of Deliverance? :eek:
  2. brucemillar

    My Uncle. My Hero.

    Growing up on the west coast of Scotland in the 50's & 60's. I was blessed to be in regular contact with my uncle Charlie Gibson. We became lifelong friends where, for my entire life, I looked forward to every single visit. He finally settled in Crook of Devon in Fife where he now rests with...
  3. jaymanek

    Go pro hero black edition for sale

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/371063208738 £240 for forum members..
  4. developer

    A Bit Of An Update On My Guitar Hero

    I've had a couple of people ask about my lad Greg and how he's doing with his music (I've posted about him on here a couple of times before). Conscious that the forum membership evolves, I'll give a brief background, however, apologies to those that have heard this before... Greg (who is 19)...
  5. moff

    GoPro Hero 3 HD Silver... tips?

    Hi, My GoPro has just arrived and I also got the optional suction mount. Just looking for any tips regarding mounting, placement or anything else? This thing is like a rubics cube trying to get the different mounting bits right! So far I think I will mount: 1. From the sun roof...
  6. developer

    Guitar Hero (well, to his Dad at least)

    I thought some of you rockers might enjoy this....... Not to labour the point (I've written about this previously - so apologies), but to provide context to the thread, my son is 17 and unfortunately he's Autistic. He's still learning to play and is of average ability, but through his guitar...
  7. R

    Sepp Blatter...my hero

    ...not: Fifa's president Sepp Blatter meets Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe | Football | guardian.co.uk
  8. S

    HTC Hero 2.1 W204 Bluetooth problem

    Hi, I have a 2008 W204 with COMAND and a HTC Hero phone which have worked perfectly together until the software on the phone was upgraded. Now the two won't connect. They pair and connect for 2 seconds then disconnect for 2 seconds then reconnect and so on. I have reverted to the original...
  9. Sonny Burnett

    My Hero DJ..

    hello all.. as you may or may not know im actually a crazy miami vice fan nearly watch a episode a day :bannana: yep... i live in the 80s lol whats this Lost or CSI people talk of i know who crockett and tubbs are lol :D anyway found this pic of Don Johnson i herd he only drove benzes and i cant...
  10. James Rothwell

    Problem with keyboard hero.

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with a guy who emailed me when I was selling my S600L from Pistonheads offering me his 730d to swap for my W140, obviously alarm bells ring and it seems fraudulent. Out of interest I did a Experian check on the car and it was showing finance outstanding on the car...
  11. aka$h

    HTC Hero on Orange Brand New

    I received the phone today on a upgrade on Orange (I have documentation available that can demonstrate this provenance). The phone is totally untouched, and is still sealed in the box. I can open it and take photo's if required. It can be unlocked to work on other networks via Ebay for...
  12. JumboBeef

    Hero to zero

    Has anyone ever fallen so far, and so fast, as Tiger Woods? Tiger Woods quits golf 'to be a better husband' I think the way Woods has handled this has been awful. Instead of staying in hiding, he should have come out with his hands in the air saying 'I did it, and I'm sorry'. I bet all this...
  13. Howard

    Guitar Hero advice

    Hi gang, Mrs Toad has just bought a Wii , and i fancy a go on Guitar Hero .... Question is , where is the cheapest place to get the game and controller and which version of GH is the best ? Seen 'GH3 Legends of Rock' and the Les Paul controller for £43 on Play ... anyone got any other...
  14. grober

    Scotland loses another motorsport hero.

    Scotland has lost another motorsport hero with the death of David Leslie. Leslie died on 30 March 2008, when the private jet he was travelling in crashed into a housing estate in Farnborough, Kent. He was flying with fellow racing driver and team owner Richard Lloyd. They were travelling to the...
  15. NW_Merc

    A hero returns - Rambo 4

  16. sportyreptile

    Tigger's my hero.....

    Doing what we have all felt like at some point......smacking a spotty yoof right in the chops. The poor sod has got the sack for his trouble though. We should put him against Cyril the Swan at Swansea FC. http://cbs4boston.com/topstories/local_story_006224752.html Typical...
  17. Steve_Perry

    Jacques Chirac, hero or bozo?

    Jacques Chirac: So is he a tireless advocat for European union, or a liability to closer relations with our neighbours with his constant 'attacks' on UK policy/customs/people/food/[insert topic here]. Just wondered what others thoughts were. As you can probably tell, I find him to be one...
  18. KillerHERTZ


    Wow! I went to see this last night, it is possibly one of the greatest films I will ever see. Its a Chinese epic in Manderin with English subtitles, lots of martal arts but dont let that stop you if your not into that kinda thing. An epic film at your local Cinema Oh, and the main...
  19. Koolvin

    'Broadband Hero' gets his fat pipe

    Source: Silicon.com
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