1. toby1

    Hertz DBX 30.3 subwoofer

    Hertz DBX 30.3 subwoofer - unmarked and excellent condition £50 Stock photo
  2. A

    Hertz On Demand - Rent by the hour or by the day

    I needed to collect some furniture and my mate with his estate is out of town right now so I needed a van or estate at short notice for just a few hours. So I've just joined HertzOn Demand, it’s essentially a car club (which is free to join, unlike Zip car etc). Anyway, I figured, that...
  3. simon22

    Hertz HP5 car audio amplifier wanted

    As above Hertz HP5 5channel amp wanted.. Regards Simon :D
  4. WLeg


    If you do an on-line quote/reservation at the appropriate point put in the following CDP number: 501037 Puts you down as a Travel agent, and a better discount. :p Worke for me fine last week.... reserved a Renault Megane class car for the 3 days, and got a Brand new ( 22km on the clock)...
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