1. M

    W211 Xenon

    My 2004 E320 has factory fitted HID and one of my bulbs had gone yesterday, I was just about to order some and noticed that some are 35 watts and some are 55w, I think originally my ones are 35w and I'm not sure if fitting 55w would work just like using 100w halogens instead of 55w on older...
  2. Yugguy

    hid under volt?

    So fitted hid kit today, canbus friendly. Lights OK with ignition on, go off after 5 secs with engine running. No errors so I think it is low voltage to ballasts so ballasts are shutting off. Could fit a relay but then would there not be bulb failure errors cos no power sensed on the original...
  3. Bigdrew

    Hid kits

    hi there I am looking to upgrade my lights with a hid kit on a ML 350 cdi 2012Has anyone done this and is there any issues with them and what is the best one to buyI have tried various other bulbs but the seem to be no better than the standard ones
  4. J

    Help/Advice: Engine Management light & HID Light Fault

    hello MB world.... i need some help/advice please....recently my engine management light came on, took it straight to the garage to check the fault and was told it was the AIR FLOW MASS, which i then brought from euro car part the VOD Siemens one, got that changed and coded in, but then within...
  5. M

    W211 HID bulbs. What you got fitted?

    I'm looking to replace the his bulb. I'm between Osram night breaker and Osram cool blue. Has anyone fitted them? What's the light output and which ones would be better? Thanks
  6. Jim55

    55w or 35w HID

    What's the best HID kit to get for a 204, 35w or 55w , iv tried upgraded halogens and they are still rubbish, so it's HID I'm gona fit , is the existing wiring up to 55w load or am I btr off with less powerful 35w:confused:
  7. K

    Mercedes E350 estate W212 HID bulb fuse low beam

    Hi the dipped beam bulb has gone on my 2012 E350 blue efficiency W212 I have replaced the bulb but no joy. Where is the fuse located should have checked that first. If it's not that suspect maybe ballast. How easy is it to replace Cheers
  8. M

    HID dipped headlight issues

    Helloooo, My HID dipped comes on then I get a warning after about 5 minutes that the left one in inop. Got the bulb changed at Halfords (£67!!) but, again, after 5 minutes of them being on I get tge same warning. Circuit diagrams in Haynes are a bit limited. Any ideas?
  9. John

    Replacement HID bulbs.

    So a chap at work bought bulbs similar to the following from a different seller from eBay. They were supposed to fit a 2008 CLS 320CDI but he reckoned his ones were not the same. Just from looking at them - what kind of Mercs are these likely to fit? Or is he wrong and would they fit the...
  10. F

    W220 S500 HID lights flickering

    Hi, everyone..my 1999 (V-Reg) w220 S500 has developped a fault with both inner headlights ( I believe HID?)..basically the bulbs located nearest the chrome grille, both sides, which I have set up as daytime driving lights,when switched on, begin to flicker, like a neon sign that won't illuminate...
  11. F

    She hid the book, So...

    ....now I am out of bedtime reading. True I do not have millions of gadgets/driver aids as many of you guys, though I would like to ensure I have them all switched on. At least once. To that end, will that be some sort of factory reset or Command reset? If so, how. Reading the...
  12. M

    203 coupe and HID's.

    Hey guys and girls? I have a w203 shape coupe (55) do I need a bulb holder to put some hids in? Or should I stop being lazy and look in the light :D
  13. W


    Hi am thinking of putting hids in my clk and was wondering will it bring up a light warning on the obc? Thanks
  14. B

    Hid kits

    Hi, bit of a newbie here. Basically I have an 02 plate c200 kompresser, does anyone know if this model is the model in which the hid kits are simple plug and play?
  15. J

    HID Problems

    Hi , can anyone help me please ,I have a W203 C270cdi with hid headlights .I brought the car with a ecu problem managed to get another temporaray ecu so I could move the car around but the hid headlights only work without the engine running ,as soon as I start it up they flicker an go off !! ,Is...
  16. c180081c

    If HID's are a no go which are the best bulbs?

    Just looking for opinions. I have just bought my second w203 c class and the headlights are pretty dim and yellow with bog standard bulbs so who's are best??...HID kit is out of the question I dont really want to go hunting for projector lights and then fitting the naff ballasts etc...Ive looked...
  17. PANAMA1uk

    How to fit new HID bulbs to w215 CL 600 2003

    Hello all, Can I have a little guidance on the procedure to fit new HID bulbs to my CL bi xenon headlamps, I got some Osram D2s bulbs as I'm sure my current ones are duller than they were back in 03! The main question is, do you need to remove the front bumper, fully, partially or not at...
  18. C

    HID Downgrade? Another daft question...

    Anyone know if it's easy to "downgrade" from factory HIDs in my W220? It's a '99 model, and has just the dipped beam as HIDs, not a bi-xenon model. What I wanted to investigate - is it possible to retrofit some after-market headlamp assemblies, and either incorporate the factor HIDs into them...
  19. V

    which hid kit works error free on a vito w639 van?

    I have some aftermarket projector headlights and their designed to take hids but the vito van apparently has a sensitive canbus system... so just need to know which 35w H1 canbus kit? or do i need to stick close to original wattage of 55w? canbus or non-canbus? to stop any error messages...
  20. M

    W211 E270 2004 HID Bulbs

    Could somebody please tell me the correct rating of the bulbs I need to buy to replace my HID burner. I've seen D2S 4300/6000k . I would just like the normal look, no silly blues or anything. I can't find which ones are standard. Has anybody ordered from eBay ? Thanks Mel.
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