1. mbsilver

    Hidden or not very well documented "features" on your Mercedes ?

    Are there things that you have noticed that weren't in the brochure ?
  2. N

    Hidden / Engineering Menu 2009 W204 C320 sport CDI

    Not another hidden commands thread?? I've looked through mages and pages of threads, but none of the commands to get into the engineering menus on my car work... I've tried: 1. Engineering mode with keys hangup + 6 + * 2. Dealer menu with keys hangup + 7 + 9 Any ideas?? Do they...
  3. brucemillar

    Hidden fire station discovered after decades.

    Hidden Dudley fire station revealed after decades - BBC News
  4. S

    Enabling hidden functions with STAR

    When i had access to VAG diagnostics, I was able to enable other functions such as coming home/leaving lights, fuel to empty, etc I'm just curious to know what can be enabled on my 2012 W212 E350 CDI sport over and above what I currently have? Would like to see oil temp, remaining fuel /...
  5. I

    Excess disc wear and hidden exclusions on service contract

    Two part question: I have a W204 C220Cdi AMG Sport BlueEfficiency Old Uncle Tom Cobbly And All Edition and at a recent service I was rather surprised that it needed new discs - pads only 60% worn. It's done just over 25k miles. I'm sure all my other care have got around 60k from discs. Problem...
  6. B

    BMW admit to selling hidden PPI on their finance deals.

    Interesting story here about someone finding out that their car loan through BMW had a hidden PPI payment attached. The question is does this affect MB owners? BBC Radio 4 - Money Box, Car Finance and PPI
  7. S

    W211 facelift: AC hidden menu. How?

    Hello, Can someone tell me how to access the hidden menu for the Air Con on my 2008 E220CDi? Most of the online guides suggest holding down REST, or OFF+REST, or just AUTO but none of these combinations work on my car, either with the ignition on, or engine running. Is there a definitive...
  8. C

    Engineering Mode / Hidden Menu

    I have a 2015 E250 cdi and wanted to ask if anyone knew how to access the hidden menu / engineering mode in order to access the 'behind the scene settings' the car has to offer? Ive watched a few vids on you tube but seems to be for older cars.
  9. TKvS

    Hidden menu tips on W219 CLS 350

    I did a search on the forum but came up with nothing. Anyone know if there are any hidden menu features (easter eggs)....on W219 , I saw some on YT for other models..but nothing for the CLS. thanks Theo.
  10. T

    EPC and Coolant warning lights with hidden 10a fuse...

    I wonder if anyone can help, I've recently acquired a 2001 ML 270 CDI and in my first month of ownership I've had the EPC and Coolant warning light come on, limp mode activated and the hidden 10a fuse blown (although mine was actually a 7.5a?). Also all of the screws had already been removed so...
  11. Jay2512

    W205 Hidden Dash Cam

    I've always wanted a dash cam but didn't fancy it stuck in the window. After browsing the eBay I found a cam that I could dismantle to fit the spare camera space in the W205 windscreen. I have the road sign camera/ILS camera one side and a blank plate the other. Few pics below with a write up...
  12. B

    Now I know why it's hidden!

    The Hidden menu of course is what I'm referring to! In searching for the option to check oil level (which incidentally doesn't seem to exist on my M272 model), I must have hit a wrong button. Ended up with ESP and ABS turned off. At first, I thought something had broken, but eventually...
  13. gunning

    S211 hidden boot storage/ folding seat cover in cream

    I don't know the actual name of this part but it's left over from an e class estate w211. It's a manufacturer part and is basically a hidden compartment or a rear seat cover. In good condition. Saw one on eBay for £60 delivered. I'm happy to take £35 delivered but no offers.
  14. furlong19

    possible sl55 purchase or hidden problems?

    mornibg everyone, hope this is in the right section of the forum, but came across this sl55 on auto trader yesterday and from the pictures it looks very reasonably priced. the dealer sent over the service history which could explain the lower price than usual, has had full dealer service up...
  15. skyline pete

    found new hidden tricks on my clk

    when holding key close to door lock press fob open hold it all windows open..then press to lock hold it on fob windows close...new to me..ha ha.:D.. also my door mirrors go a lot darker in the sunshine ..:thumb:
  16. C

    C63 - Hidden Secret's

    Just picked up my C63 today and wondering if there are any hidden secret or useful hidden options hiding away within the car?
  17. C

    W211 Hidden Battery check/Oil quantity/VIN/Service details

    I recently suffered the woe of leaving my lights on Park and returning several days later to a very dead car. With the help of the RAC the car was started and the battery was tested and apart from needing a full charge it is OK. A quick search of the internet revealed this little trick which I...
  18. G

    Hidden storage door won't open after removing Audio 20 unit & broken CD player

    Hi, my 3 year old broke the CD player on the Audio 20 head unit. I'm not sure what he did but it was displaying TRACK when I got home. I took it out and left it for 30 mins. When I put it back it said CD ERROR. I can see there's no CD stuck in it but I can't put a CD in as part of the...
  19. G

    209 CLK320 Convertible - Nav Dead & Hidden Antenna?

    Hi guys, I recently bought a 54 plate CLK320 Avantgarde Convertible and during a recent motorway trip the Comand NAV went crazy, lost it's bearings and now doesn't seem to be talking to any SAT's anymore (no bearings etc being displayed). I've read enough posts that say the antenna is...
  20. C

    W203 cluster hidden functions/displays

    On my W203 Coupe, I've found out how to find some 'hidden' display info. One of these is the oil volume, however, what are the other values listed in this same screen? I got to this by switching to ignition position 1, scrolling to mileage, then pressing the reset button 3 times. The...
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