1. pmcgsmurf

    HELP: 2632-8 "Charge Pressure Control" Too High W211 E220 CDI 2004

    Hi Anyone help with this fault code? 2632-8 Check system: "Charge Pressure Control Charge pressure is too high" It's on a W211 E220 CDI (OM646) with no DPF fitted. No problem with driving, car goes as normal with no limp mode or malfunction on dash. It's the last fault shown after I did the...
  2. M

    High mileage....big problems ?

    Hi all, In my quest for a W221 I have seen on eBay a 2 owner (Mercedes and 1 private) W221 S500 in silver with the AMG styling pack and around £11k worth of options. I am seriously thinking of taking a look at the car, the only downside I can see is the mileage is 105k My question is do I...
  3. B

    High beam headlight question

    With the headlights set to auto, and the stalk pushed away, the high beam icon with the 'A' lights up on the dash to show that the car is deciding when to turn high beam on. But can anyone confirm that it will only turn on high beam if you're doing more than 30mph? This seems to be the case...
  4. N

    Fan running at high speed constantly.....Please help

    Hello everyone, I have a 2009 E350 cdi coupe and have a problem with the fan running at high speed constantly. As soon as I start the car the fan runs at high speed and only switches off when the car is switched off. It runs at high speed regardless if the weather is hot or cold. My air con...
  5. clk320x

    Brembos Xtra High Performance Drilled

    Seem these for my CLK working out around £63 for the fronts and £36 for the rear each. Should these be better than/equivalent the OEM discs as they are drilled or is it a purely an aesthetic thing, they work out cheaper than OEM depending on what pad is paired with it. Depending what you...
  6. Gary Beale

    High Level Rear Brake Light W204 Estate 2012

    Hi All I am trying, without much luck to find a replacement for the above. Can anybody help me with the part number and if at all, a guide on how to change the unit. Thanks
  7. B

    s212 self levelling rear suspension too high

    Yesterday I had to scrabble about in the boot a bit to put the parcel cover back in. Today I nipped out to the shops and on the way back I get a 'car raising, please wait' message and the rear end got very bouncy. The rear self levelling suspension has gone full monster truck! Any thoughts on...
  8. D

    W219 Sitting High

    Evening everyone. I recently changed the front shocks on my CLS 320CDI and now it is sitting significantly higher than it was before, probably by about 40 - 50 mm. Everything was replaced as it should be (there is not much to get wrong) and it has had a full 4 wheel alignment afterwards...
  9. R

    3rd High level brake light

    Hi all, I've been trying to measure the supply to the 3rd brake light, my multimeter registers 12v only momentarily then I have to wait before it will register 12v again. Does the Voltage switch off if an open circuit is detected as I have the light disconnected? The mechanic disconnected it...
  10. L

    W210 smoke issue after changing high pressure fuel pump seals.

    Hi, Need massive help from you guys if possible please? I have W210 320cdi. High pressure fuel pump started leaking. So I changed all the seals and it's fixed now. HOWEVER!! since then it's causing blue (ish) smoke. Before sorting the high pressure fuel pump it had no smoke issue at all. My...
  11. E

    E55K Estate - Not silver, Not black, Not high mileage

    As the thread title says. Late, low-mileage, full history would be ideal. I'm going to keep on bumping this until I find one, so if you know of one for sale, or have one to sell, please let me know.
  12. clk320x

    NSL not high enough?

    Just come across this petition, https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/171341 Seems unlikely that it would ever be reailised, but I guess makes sense! Be interesting to see what you guys think and the governments response... Abs
  13. I

    High mileage c32

    Hi, i have seen a 2003 c32 with over 200k, what do you think the car should be priced.The seller wants 3k.It has service history upto 140k. Rust on the rear arches. Thanks
  14. design guru

    W220 airmatic issue

    I have a w220 2001 S320 cdi, recently I have noticed when parked up over night the car raises to the maximum height, even when I unlock the car usually it drops by releasing the pressure but it remains at maximum height. It does go down to normal heigh once I begin driving but the raises up...
  15. A

    High previous owners in AMG cars

    Hi all. Is high number of owners pretty common in C63s? I have inquired about several 2012/2013 saloons/estates and I'm surprised how many cars have 3/4+ previous owners. Would that put many people off (price depending I would imagine)?
  16. T

    Wanted S211 face-lift, high spec, under 80k miles.

    Looking for a car with Heated Seats, Parking Sensors, COMAND and Airmatic, please. These are all must-haves for me.
  17. G

    High precision mechanical pencils

    Anyone into these high precision, very fancy and pricy, mechanical pencils? My sister sent me a few, but I just can't get one with them - prefer a simple old-fashioned pencils that I can sharpen and shape as I like, with the exception of my trusty Montblanc Michelangelo 5.5mm, but that's for...
  18. M

    Led high performance or adaptive?

    Hi there, this is my first post, so my apologies in advance for any rookie queries, posting etc. I'm placing an order for a new GLC AMG line, and am wondering if I should remain with the led high performance lights or upgrade to the adaptive lights. Does anyone know if the led high performance...
  19. S

    The Man in the High Castle (Spoilers).

    Anyone watching this? My god it's tense! Best thing I've watched in a while, I re-watched the last few of the first season before diving into the second. At ep7 now, and a few things are beginning to come together, but it definitely gets the grey matter spinning! I think that although it...
  20. mattmeyler19

    My E63 wrapped by yiannimize in nardo high gloss grey,

    Pick her up on my return from Thailand on Friday morning, can't wait. I think it looks great [emoji41] W212 E63 White 2014. M19YLR
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