1. T

    Heater blower only working on highest speed

    Hi My wife's W169 **********e has an issue with the interior blower/air con fans. We've only had it two half months and the fans used to squeak on any setting from 1-4. However now only setting 5 works so it's literally all or nothing which is extremely irritating! We have warranty until the...
  2. E

    Gold Plug manufactures Magnetic Sump Drain Plugs of the highest quality.

    Gold Plug manufactures Magnetic Sump Drain Plugs of the highest quality. Constructed from a 303 Stainless Steel body that houses the strongest, highest temperature, N45SH Neodymium magnet available. The magnet is secured in place with a proprietary 2 step process and will never come out...
  3. aka$h

    Is this the highest spec e250 cdi?

    I couldn't believe the spec on it for an e250! http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201601119996399
  4. jonnyboy

    Ford Galaxy - highest spec in country - 60 plate

    All Selling our Galaxy. Pics to follow asap after its been washed! 60 plate Titanium X powershift. 2.0 petrol turbo with 201 bhp. Micastone metallic (a kind of grey/pale blue) with full black leather. 72k miles with full Ford s/history. Recent front discs and pads. All tyres good...
  5. DanMorgan

    Highest Mileage W210?

    Haven't seen one this high for a while! Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI auto 2002MY CDI Avantgarde | eBay
  6. Dizzy

    Highest mileage?

    Just for fun, what model is your Mercedes and how many miles has it covered? Lets discover just what sort of mileage these vehicles can cover and is Mercedes longevity fact or fiction? :dk:
  7. Jamier27

    Highest mileage c63?

    I know these engines are hand built and seem to be very reliable from the forum searching I've done. Now the engines been around 6/7 years iirc wondering what kind of miles people have racked up? Mine is 3 yrs old and has 68k! Mainly due to a guy buying it to go to all the European GP's and...
  8. A

    E Class with THE highest spec(??) at £6K!

    I was fed up with mine as it came back from a service and decided "right what's on eBay"! MERCEDES E320 CDI AVANTGARDE A Estate 7 seats full mercedes service history | eBay Intriguing!
  9. I

    Highest Miles I've seen in a long time - W 124

    Mercedes Benz E class diesel estate | eBay I like the 'receipts as high as a small' table line! Same style as 'more extra's than Ben Hur' For 500 I'd have it just to watch it turn 400K! I have one that's just turned 300, another on 200 and one on 250 and have to heartily agree, just...
  10. biturbo

    Highest spec sl60 amg ever

    Mercedes-Benz SL 60 Class SL60 AMG 2dr Auto [5] 6.0 VERY RARE (BRABUS LORINSER) | eBay Wow this has everything.
  11. K

    what is your highest fuel consumption figures to date

    I have a S212 E220cdi, took 1 hour 20mins to cover just 8 miles, OBC 26.2mpg with eco mode on, pretty sure it would dip to low 20s if it was off! :eek:
  12. U

    Is this the highest priced C36AMG we seen ?

    1997 Mercedes-Benz C 36 (3.6) AMG Automatic Saloon - Silver with Black Leather | eBay
  13. t-dawg1

    Highest mileage you have eer seen on a Diesel Mercedes C Class

    Just out of curiosity what's the highest mileage anyone has seen on a diesel c class w203 preferably?
  14. W

    Which profession do you hold in the highest esteem?

    A pull of the leg in response to this crazy thread: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/136929-petrol-vs-diesel-23.html#post1581271 Which profession do you hold in the highest esteem? Banking Engineering Estate Agent
  15. U

    Is this the highest ever priced C43 £13995 !!!!

    What is he on (I would like to smoke some as well !!!!) Mercedes-Benz W202 C43 4.3 AMG 1998 | eBay
  16. d w124

    Highest mileage 211 I`ve seen

  17. Nastynick

    Highest mileage Mercedes.

    Hi all. Please forgive me if this has been asked before, and if it has, is there a link? But what is the highest recorded mileage in a member's Mercedes? Come on guys! Post pics if your car and another of the odometer. See how high we can get!
  18. neilz

    Highest mileage on advertised car

    Lets see who can find a used car with the highest mileage for sale (ideally a Mercedes)
  19. AJA

    Who has the highest milage then?

    Do you think you can hold the title for the highest mileage Mercedes Benz on here? Well, tell us your mileage. :) One rule - the car has to be running, MOT'd, tax'd and insured. I appreciate there's no real way of telling if you're being honest, so please play the game. :)
  20. U

    Is this the highest price not AMG W202 Ever ?

    MERCEDES C240 ELEGANCE ONLY 16,500 MILES FROM NEW on eBay (end time 05-Apr-11 19:13:50 BST)
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