1. NormanB

    Have I been hijacked?

    I have recently (last 3 days) suddenly been deluged with emails from Mailer Daemon similar to those below and all quoting my exact email address not as shown below. -----Original Message----- From: Mail Delivery Subsystem [mailto:MAILER-DAEMON@relay.minprom.gov.ru] Sent: 28 May 2008 02:39...
  2. pammy

    Hijacked email account

    HI peep's. A friend of mine finds herself in a pretty awful spot and I wonder if anyone here can help. This is her story: thoughts anyone please? :(
  3. glojo

    Help, hijacked??

    This week-end my In Box is being inundated with 'returned mail' These are e-mails allegedly posted by me to incorrect addresses?? The posts are then returned back to me? I have a freeserve address and can put anything before the @ thingie. All the e-mails that are being returned have...
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