1. Seahorse

    Portsdown Hill

    Trying to get a bit more drama in the shot... 8N2A4659-2 by Mr Seahorse, on Flickr
  2. F

    Ex-Graham Hill Ferrari 250 GTO

  3. N

    Shere Hill Climb nr G'ford, Sept 4th, £12.

    Shere Hill Climb
  4. Happytalk73

    Harry Hill: You've Been Framed

    I've got to say Harry Hill is great on this programme. His comments on the clips are hilarious. His always seems to match the people to celebrities that we know. Fantastic family fun. Remember how lame the programme was in the hands of Jeremy beadle, Steve Penk & Lisa Riley? Ant...
  5. A

    New member - Mill Hill

    Hi everyone - hope the Christmas shopping is building momentum? I have a lovey old lady...Avantgarde W211, E240 auto. Absolutely amazing performance which i occasionally put to the test :) I love the cruise control but it does scare me...stories of how things can go wrong (not in a Merc) eg...
  6. T

    Stuck in stop start traffic on steep hill with auto

    Hi folks, I have just bought a 2012 C180 1.6 auto petrol and not having driven an auto for many years wonder how best to drive up a long steep hill in stopping/starting traffic. A few months ago a bus caught fire on the A55 between St Asaph and Caerwys. This led to me being stuck in a queue...
  7. H

    MB/AMG Specialists close to Gants Hill, Essex IG2

    Good afternoon all!! Ive made the brave decision of packing my bags from good old Leicestershire to East London- Gants Hill in particular. Ive brought the S55KL with me too but need to establish a reputable Mercedes/AMG Specialist in the vicinity. Appreciate your help with this one- thanks...
  8. Incredible vito

    Mercedes Vito 111cdi sluggish up hill

    ok engine in starts runs but seems to be sluggish up hills the turbo only kicks in around 3k and boosts well but also sometimes the eml light comes on anyone know what this could be it has a vairiable vaine turbo but newish so thats ok
  9. Lemons

    The Roundel Run 'Brooklands to Biggin Hill'

    Hi Guys, As well as being an SLK owner I am the Organiser of a Charity Motoring Organisation called Club Le Mons and this year, we are organising the first ever Roundel Run, a car and bike run which is an integral part of the Biggin Hill Festival of Flight (in Kent), commemorating the 75th...
  10. B

    87 300D W124 cut out on a steep hill

    Was driving up a twisty steep hill with about an eight a tank of diesel when suddenly felt a few small hesitations at 2k rpm in 3rd/4th gear. Thought it was just my imagination, changed down to second and took it through the rev range pulling fine. Then after the next sharp left bend (still...
  11. N

    1999 A140 Losing Power Up Hill

    Hi, please can someone give some advice with regards to my a140, i purchased it for my wife in December & have been on the motorway twice in it & everytime we go up a hill it seems to lose power (drops from 70 to 60) the car seems to run fine with normal day to day driving just seems sluggish on...
  12. Richiebuoy

    Harry Hill

    Harry Hill, I've never found him funny, I don't recall a single thing he ever said that made me laugh, am I the only one ?
  13. O

    B Class auto rolls back on the hill

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone can offer me any advice/suggestions on this nagging problem I have with my car. I bought a 2010 Reg B Class Automatic(Mercedes B 200 SE CDI)a few months back from Cardiff Mercedes dealer. A few days back I noticed it rolls back on hills if you ever have to...
  14. Deane x

    Lost all gears when accelerating hard up hill

    Hi I have bought a s class 500 L w220 as had to sell slk because my babe has arrived, the car has been fine apart from it seems to lump it to gear when I put it in drive , not really bad but a little bit , but then yesterday I was driving quite hard testing her out and I accelerated hard up a...
  15. B

    W163 ML 430 Idle rough loss of power up hill

    Hi All I hate to seem like another one of those guys that appear on forums just for help but I can assure you this isn't me! Im a giver! anyways I have recently bought a ml430 lovely car but one thing is bugging me that i cant seem to crack! A rough idle, car sits about about 550rpm on tick...
  16. M

    brief loss of power or drive at the top of a hill

    Hi folks! I have a 2007 C180K SE W203 automatic and a question. Twice now, about a week apart, my car has briefly lost power or maybe drive in the exact same place on my way into work. It results in a sort of 'kangaroo' effect like that of a learner with clutch issues! It was more extreme the...
  17. GrahamC230K

    Kop Hill Climb 2013

    I enjoyed my day out at this event today. It's pretty much on my doorstep, but the first year I've made it. I hope you like the pics. Kop Hill Climb 2013 - a set on Flickr [YOUTUBE HD]f6PIQCSi9UM[/YOUTUBE HD]
  18. U

    Recomendation for repairs Biggin Hill (TN16)

    I need recommendations for an indie to undertake the following on a '02 ML270: Broken air actuator arm (I don’t have the fault code with me but it’s the “bad one”) Air con is not working, I had it re-gassed but it is still not working (checked the fuse) Fault in the driver’s door central...
  19. Willsco

    SL500 at Prescott Hill Speed Climb (Charity Day)

    Some shots from recent charity day at Prescott Hill Speed Climb in Gloucestershire.. Click on menu item - "Prescott Hill Charity Day"
  20. Doodle

    Unlucky R107 on Heyford Hill roundabout this afternoon

    It would appear the nearside rear wheel had decided to make a bid for freedom, leaving it to continue for a good few yards on the brake disc (and quite possibly the lower body :doh:) Not a pretty sight.
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