1. Charles Morgan

    Ginetta G20 Junior Track / Sprint / Hillclimb car

    I bought this so the apprentices and recently qualified mechanics at Project Shop could learn about competition, tuning, preparing cars for racing etc. With their move to new premises, the lovely little beast will no longer have a home. As she isn't road legal, and I can't fit in her, she has...
  2. B

    Retro-Rides Gathering, Prescott Hillclimb Sunday 19th August

    I just thought I'd give this a mention, seeing as there are seemingly one or two Retro-Rides members on here besides myself. 2012 will mark the fifth anniversary of 'The Gathering', which moved to its' new home at the glorious, history-steeped Prescott Hillclimb venue last year after...
  3. B

    2011 Kop Hill Hillclimb Photo Gallery

    I have a photo gallery from the Kop Hill Hillclimb yesterday. There was an extraordinary turnout of cars with examples of many British marques that are now just a memory A quick list: Brough Superior, Jaguar, Sunbeam, GN, Frazer-Nash, Lagonda, Riley, Railton, Triumph, Berkeley, Wolseley...
  4. guydewdney

    Anyone comign to the hillclimb build / meet

    started a new thread to get peeps attention.. So - anyone actually coming to my garage to laugh at the car on Saturday? Pic of the car as it was a few months ago:- wing replaced. dash stripped, interior stripped... (main part of dash left, just no internals..)
  5. L

    The Prescott Hillclimb Drivers School GTG/Fun Day

    Thought I would float this as an idea for a GTG/day out in the Summer, I will be doing some form of track activity so ideas welcome. This is great for people you want to have a great fun day but not buy a new set of tyres at the end of it. The floor is yours ladies and gents, what do you...
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