1. CowleyStJames

    Foot brake on hills

    Okay, picked up my 60 plate C200 2.1 manual and I'm struggling with the foot brake. How do you guys in a manual car manage in traffic up hill? My route home each evening takes me on a long uphill stretch of road that has nose to tail traffic. I'm having to engage neutral, foot break on...
  2. DSM10000

    MG TF, Fun or run for the hills? :)

    A friend of ours wants (having tried our MX5) a "fun little car for summer" The main issue is a budget of no more than £1200. At the moment they are set on a maximum of two seats and a manual hood (no T bar types) but otherwise are flexible. The MG TF is a current favourite, it is a good...
  3. H

    W123 200e keeps cutting power on hills

    I have a w123 200e Auto and it keeps bunny hopping up hills, had new leads and dis cap, fitted but not solved problem any ideas?
  4. Ant-toe-knee

    Coming out of Park on hills

    Had a search , can't find anything. When coming out of park on a slope / steep road the autobox is anything but smooth . It's snatchy and noisy if that makes sence . It's done it since owning the car, is it normal ? Thanks
  5. P

    overheating going up hills

    have been towing my caravan over the last 2 days and have noticed a worrying tendancy for the engine temperature to hit 120 when climbing prolonged steep hills. As soon as i get to the top it comes back down to 80. Is this something to worry about? Its a 98 e300td estate with 147k miles...
  6. G

    W124 E280 loses power on hills

    I purchased a nice shinny 1996 W124 E280 estate last week. Car is great apart from one major issue, it loses power going up hills, or at least that’s how the problem first presented itself. After a week of driving around and various checks etc I have learnt the following: If I drive carefully...
  7. I

    CLK280 performance on hills

    I have just traded my 1996 E320 on a 2006 CLK280 (3.0 ltr V6 with 7G auto sports pack) and have covered only 300kms in it. I live in a hilly town and today for the first time used my CLK in left turn from a level street into a hilly street. This is something I have done many times in my E320...
  8. W

    W210 E280 auto rolls backwards on hills

    Just noticed today that when doing hill starts either going forwards or backwards that the car rolls the wrong way (ie down the hill) unless I use the parking brake to hold it. :eek: I don't remember it doing this before - does it indicate that something is out of adjustment or needs...
  9. M

    Can't go up hills?

    Remember that schoolboy joke - my dad's got a Rolls Canardly; Rolls down the hill can hardly get up the other. Well I recently purchased a W124 Estate 280 4sp auto 155k. Drove it 300m home without a hitch in one go. have driven 15m to work and back for two weeks. Filled up when tank was just...
  10. P

    200TE Auto - low power - hills are a no no

    Car starts and ticks over fine. On part throttle sort of ok. But once you give full throttle there is a loud induction noise, but no power particular at higher revs - wont rev much over 4000rpm. Going up hills is only really achievable on light throttle which means speed drops dangerously low...
  11. M

    Auto won't hold on hills

    My new (to me) 1999 E320 estate auto refuses to 'hold' on hills, leaving me the choice between rolling back alarmingly or attempting to hold the car using my left foot on the brake. Its predecessor, a 1990 300TE, had no such bother. Tick-over is a tad over 500 rpm and I'm just hoping this...
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