1. S

    Hindhead Tunnel Run 28th June

    Late notice, but I've heard that tomorrow night there is a fairly large tunnel run going on along the A3, Hindhead Tunnel. It looks like a mixed marque event, run by a group called BOSS. Seems like they've gained legitimate permission from the Guildford Spectrum to hold a static show/meet...
  2. BTB 500

    M-B Guildford, Hindhead, Basingstoke - free roof box (and cycle carrier etc.) loan

    Just had a flyer from the Tony Purslow group (M-B Guildford, M-B Hindhead, M-B Basingstoke) which may be of interest to some. If you buy roof bars for your M-B from them, you can borrow (free of charge, and as many times as you want): roof boxes luggage containers ski carriers snowboard...
  3. Whitey

    A3 Hindhead Bypass Tunnel

    The expressway to PCS opens at midday. Now I only have to take 4 roads to get there :bannana:
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