1. mark44

    Hire car gold

    Just got lucky on the rental car lottery in France. I reserved a '5+2 seat' MPV. At check-in was asked if I wanted to upgrade for 50 euros a week. I agreed and nabbed a new Renault Espace 7-seater with 500km on the clock (after rejecting the Peugeot 5000-thing) What a great car! Very...
  2. M

    4 Post Lift for Hire in the South East

    Does anyone know of any garages based in the South East that hire out 4 post lifts? I want to set up my suspension as the heights in each corner are all over the place.

    V8 Car Hire Malaga Airport...

    Hi Gents, Planning a trip to Spain October and wondered if you knew of any Malaga airport based car hire for F-type (:eek:), thinking driving up to Seville. Would like to hear if any of you have done anything similar V6 / V8 having used a company? Helle Hollis has already been mentioned to...
  4. Scooby_Doo

    CLS 350 Hire Car

    Whilst my car's in the bodyshop I've got a CLS 350 until Monday. Went back to the Hirer this morning , OMG , what an engine - so much torque - it flies. Well impressed , had considered getting an E350 , glad now that I didn't because I'd probably end up without a license or in a hedge , it just...
  5. L

    Is it best to buy,pcp or contract hire?

    Hi.Iam thinking of getting a cla amg shooting brake and have been looking on various websites like coast to coast,orngewheels etc and can get a brand new one with a few options ie panoramic roof red calipers matt black wheels etc and was just wondering how the best way to finance I was going to...
  6. Felstmiester

    Insurance for hire anyone in the know??

    I was thinking about hiring out some of my vans. Due to the fact my father is in the motor trade we've brought a few vans over the past few months that need a bit of tlc and both tinkered to bring them back to life. The initial plan was to sell them but due to not advertising as I went they've...
  7. 5

    600 Pullman - wedding hire?

    Hey all - getting married next year (!) and would love an original 600 Pullman for the wedding car. Not fussed on colour but white or silver would be my preference. Tried searching the net with little success, these cars are as rare as rocking horse poo so not surprised... Any advice would...
  8. gaz_l

    Hire car damage - bugger.

    Well, here I am in sunny Corsica, enjoying the spectacular scenery & the sun, but not really the abysmal roads. Go onto some of the back roads (as I did today) and they barely merit the description of tarmac. 1st and 2nd gear in my lovely (not) Citroen C3 automatic rental. So anyway, I get...
  9. D

    Eye opening deposit query for Contract Hire Purchase...?

    Hi everyone. Just been on the phone to my GAP company and found out some useful / interesting information...Well to me anyway Apparently if you lease a car on Contract Hire Purchase, the deposit you put into the deal is not covered under your GAP policy. When I asked them if they did a...
  10. ShinyF1

    CDW Insurance - Hire Cars

    I'll be hiring a number of cars over the next few months for various reasons and wondered if any members can recommend a decent provider of CDW insurance, rather than take out the extortionate CDW fees the hire providers offer? Thanks Sean
  11. Dave Richardson

    Car Hire at Pisa Airport

    We're hoping to visit Tuscany during the month of June and flying to Pisa airport. Looking to hire a small car for just a week Fiat or similar has anyone else had experience of car hire from Pisa ? Any recommendations or pitfalls that I should look for :dk: David
  12. A

    Mercedes Hire Car / Europcar

    Morning all, Last week my 18 month E-Class was recovered from my home, arranged by Mercedes, which turned out to be a major coolant leak. The car ended up being in the workshop for 4 days (originally expected to be a same day thing). Mercedes therefore decided to provide me with a C...
  13. Gollom

    Van hire - but with 4 seats

    The stepson and 3 mates (ranging in age from 21 to 50's) have booked a fishing trip in July for a week to France. Of course nobody has given consideration to just how they will get there!!! A van with 3 seats is easy enough to find but 4 seats and able to take over the channel? Needs to fit all...
  14. Red C220

    E Class Estate Personal Contract Hire Offers.

    We're struggling with our existing dealer trying to organise an E Class estate. We're now at a point where we're just considering contract hire as there seem to be some reasonable deals about. Has anyone noticed anything special being offered? Our preference is for :- E220 CDi AMG Sport Auto...
  15. W4E300

    Do you think the hire company will notice...?

    A very good attempt at disguising a tiny bit of rear end damage - minor scratches really - and I'm sure they'll return the deposit......! Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  16. gIzzE

    Nice C63 run out hire deals...

    Best personal deal including vat so far I have seen for a C63 estate. £2790 deposit and £465 a month. Or £4100 and £399 a month. I am sure they will either get better or run out by the end of the month. Edit: link helps...
  17. S

    Premium car hire in Gdansk

    I am having trouble finding a hire company who have something out of the ordinary - C or E class or similar is as far as they go. We are off for a christening for three days next month and normally I would drive but haven't got the time. Looking for something exotic - SLS/R8/911 etc. I am...
  18. T

    Car hire scam

    I dont know how often members hire a car. I do so on a regular basis and have just been subject to a scam which I am puzzled as how to avoid. Using Easyrent at Manchester airport I was told on pickup that I had been charged for 3 gallon of fuel and to bring the car back empty. Because I had to...
  19. cheffy

    Caravan/Campervan Hire

    I am going to Silverstone for the Grand Prix this year, and would like to hire either a campervan / motorhome or a caravan for the GP w/e, which is first w/e in July - 4th to 6th, so would be looking at hiring from Thursday 3rd to Monday 7th. Would like / prefer to hire local to Silverstone, so...
  20. L

    Wagen wanted to hire

    Im looking for to hire a g-wagon for my prom, it is in Cambridgeshire and would like a black, white or silver. If anyone is interested in driving me to prom, or knows anyone who may be, or could even point me in the right direction to hire one. Price can be negotiated. Thanks
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