1. 6

    Hissing noise under acceleration

    I have a c220 w203 on a 55 plate it's done 90k and I have a annoying problem.. when I accelerate I get a hissing air escaping noise which seems to be coming from the passenger side of the engine.. im getting a lack of power due to the lose of vacuum I have changed the intercooler pipe on that...
  2. D

    aircon making a hissing noise

    Hello everyone I got in the car last night and switch on the aircon which has been working fine I turned on the blower without the aircon and it was fine then when I switched on the aircon it started making a hissing noise and then I noticed it wasn’t getting cold Any ideas what...
  3. S

    W204 Hissing Under Acceleration

    Hi there, My 62 reg W204 (48500 miles) is making a hissing / blowing air noise when I accelerate. I noticed it yesterday when I had the windows down. It's definitely coming from the engine and gets louder upon the speed increasing. The noise is not present when I took my foot off the...
  4. clk320x

    Brake Booster Air hissing

    Hi I've got an air leak noise from my brake pedal area 99% sure it's the brake boosters rubber seal... Heard this is very common When the brake is pressed the air leak stops When pedal released it returns It's not always there seems to come on and off.. A new booster is around...
  5. M

    Viano W639 3.0 V6 Auto - Hissing, Jerking & Shuddering... Help

    Hello everyone... After searching and testing driving far too many Vianos for the past 8 months, we finally got one we were happy with... however after a week of driving we have noticed a few problems and wondered if someone could guide us in the right direction? We bought a 2008 Viano...
  6. G

    Hissing When Accelerating

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2009 C207 E350 Cdi. Just a quick question, When I rev the engine the car revs normally but once I take my foot off the accelerator I get a 'sssssssssss' sound as the revs drop off. It almost sounds like a dump valve but is more of a hiss than a 'pssst'. Is this...
  7. C

    air hissing noise from brake area

    Hi there, I have a clk 2003 and there is an air hissing noise near the pedal area occasionally when driving. When I press down the brake pedal the noise stops. Anyone have any idea what this is? Cheers
  8. A

    E280 CDI Hissing and nasty smell

    With no prior warning, at the end of a 400 mile journey my E280 CDI was hissing loudly from the rear and smelling of cabbages. The hissing (and smell) persisted for some minutes after switching the engine off. Is this the catalytic converter? Or something else? Thanks for any thoughts.
  9. B

    Hissing from Airmatic Suspension.

    Have had the new Airpump installed am now using the car daily, started hearing a hissing noise now and again after going over rough roads, it seems to settle down as I reach smoother roads, tends to happen more after the vehicle has been stopped and then driven away, sounds like its coming from...
  10. oshea

    hissing sound under dash

    hi all, well i sorted the alternator and its charging now but i have now noticed a hissing noise, my car is a r129 sl300 ,when the car is started i can hear the hissing coming from the drivers side behind the clock area. any ideas please?
  11. S

    S320 - hissing sound

    My car is giving a harsh and firm ride. Took it to Waynes Gates and he can't find any problems but did advise on changing all four tyres and they're finished. Tyres are on order so will have to wait a few days and see if that resolves the problem. One thing I have noticed, when I park the car...
  12. karozza

    Hissing Query

    When I switch the car off & get out, I can hear a hissing noise coming from behind the passenger side front wheel. It sounds like air leaking from a tyre but it isn't the tyre & it stops after a while. Nothing seems to be wrong. Is this normal or is something going wrong??
  13. E

    Hissing noise when engine switched off

    With the help of this forum I am learning a bit more about my W210:thumb: Is it normal to have a hissing sound come from the 2 vacuum pipes that go into what I believe is the egr vacuum control valve? The noise lasts about 10 seconds after switching engine off. I've not experienced this on...
  14. cws196

    W203 - air con hissing when on coldest setting

    As above, noticed the air con making a hissing noise over the past month and it gradually seems to be getting louder. Seems to be coming from centre vents (above the radio) and goes immediately when you switch the fan off / goes gradually when you leave the fan running but switch off A/C. Read...
  15. R

    CLK Air Con Issue - just in time for the sun!!

    Hi New to the forum so please bare with me :cool: So, I think I've identified the strange inconsistent hissing noise coming from, what I believe was, somewhere behind the dashboard for the last month or so. After ruling out speakers and such the noise finally gave up and stopped last Tuesday...
  16. R

    Hissing noise after switch off - 07 320CDI Diesel Esate

    Noticed recently, that after turning the engine off, there is a hissing noise from somewhere under the bonnet that lasts for about 15 seconds, then dies away over 3-4 seconds. Sometimes think I can hear it randomly inside the car when driving, again last for maybe 20 seconds then fades. No other...
  17. A

    lots of grey smoke, no power, hissing noise

    as the title says, was trying to overtake the other day and the car sounded asthmatic and had a serious power deficit and started to smoke a bit. now it smokes under any kind of acceleration or load and its generally weak. the turbo spool is now very audible. consumption gone up a bit, the...
  18. R

    Air vents hissing

    My air vents are hissing. It sounds as if there is an air leak. I have noticed that it doesn't seem to get very cold either even on the coldest setting. Any ideas what it could be. This is not solved tapatalk will not allow me to post a new topic without putting it there
  19. J

    Hissing noise after turning off ignition

    I just wanted to check whether it is normal to hear a short hissing noise - as though air is being released from somewhere? It happens every time I turn off the ignition and lasts only a couple of seconds. I don't have the airmatic suspension but was wondering whether it has something to do with...
  20. B

    W202 Hissing Sound

    Hi all, Got a problem with my C-Class from the driver side right air vent I get a hissing sound when it's in park or my foot on the brake (Auto) only time it's not there is when I have my foot down on the gas. Any Ideas? Cheers Amarjit
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