1. E

    My Name Is Eddie Hitler I'm New Here...........

    And I'm a Alcoholic.................... See I've done it, I feel a lot better now it's out in the open. **** wrong site:wallbash: Evening All.
  2. grober

    Hitler's Mercedes

    Just a short Video on Hitler's re-discovered Mercedes uDI_Els-myo
  3. ringway

    Hitler begged for discount on Mercedes.

    Hitler begged for discount on Mercedes car whilst in prison. LINK.
  4. Mudster

    Cats that look like Hitler

    Visit the site HERE As the title says, do you havea cat that looks like Hitler? My personal favourite:-
  5. st13phil

    Hitler's Secret Bunkers.... Revealed

    Did anyone else watch this on Ch5 last night? Fascinating stuff, especially the metro station for Germania and the Flak Towers around Berlin. It was clear from the sheer scale of the constructions that huge resources had been deployed to build them both in terms of raw materials and human effort...
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