1. grober

    Google self-driving car hits a bus

    Google said it had now refined its self-driving algorithm.:o "From now on, our cars will more deeply understand that buses (and other large vehicles) are less likely to yield to us than other types of vehicles, :doh: and we hope to handle situations like this more gracefully in the...
  2. wongl

    Pound hits 7 year low - Good or Bad?

    So the pound has hit a 7 year low, is this good or bad? Will it fall further or has it hit rock bottom? Is it time to buy that new car before Mercedes put their prices up again?
  3. developer

    Malcolm (Television) Hits 150,000 Posts

    Obviously on the other forum, which many of us frequent. I thought this may be of some interest to those that remember him from here (a bit before my time). Not meant to be a controversial post - I'm merely sharing that at 80 years old he's still going strong online, as well as attending...
  4. B

    Asda fuel mix-up hits Birmingham motorists

    Asda fuel mix-up hits Birmingham motorists - BBC News Seems that the tanker driver was having a bad day
  5. MercFanUk

    Car hits first floor bedroom!

    BBC News - Car hits upstairs bedroom in Epsom as owners sleep No pics yet that I can see, but just how fast do you have to be going to mount a car and then vault into a first floor room?
  6. @MARK

    Norwegian driver hits bear after trying to avoid moose

    Talk about unlucky BBC News - Norwegian driver hits bear after trying to avoid moose I mean what are the odds? And is it Moose or Mooses?
  7. chris911carerra

    Nutter hits my car

    Im sitting in a cafe in south london 06.45 and having a tea... a lorry passes my car reverses hard into it - as i leap from my seat screaming what have you done - 3 guys get out and tell me to stop shouting -- one punches me in the face and they drive off - worlds goin ****** mad...
  8. gaz_l

    The world wide web hits 20..

    The WWW celebrated its 20th birthday on Saturday, I've just read :o. Nothing like being up to date with the news.. x | Home | Sky News Incredible to think something that was a fledgling technology 20 years ago is now ubiquitous.. can you imagine life today without the web? We live in amazing...
  9. st13phil

    Japan Earthquake hits Mercedes-Benz Options

    It would appear that the Japanese earthquake is starting to affect the supply of certain parts to Mercedes-Benz. I was told by my dealer yesterday that it is currently not possible to order certain models with Audio 20, and that for models affected Navigation 50 is now effectively the base...
  10. R

    Global warming hits the garden of England!

    I live in Kent:crazy:
  11. 230K

    230K hits 290K

    Hi all It was a long time coming round this time 10,000 miles took 5 & 1/2 months. My miles are not clocking up as fast as i spend 2 weeks every month in Ukraine without the car. Roll on 300K but at this rate it could be the middle of next year or there abouts if we are all spared. See...
  12. Ian B Walker

    Credit Crunch hits Blackpool

    :crazy: Yes folks, the Credit Crunch has finally hit the Mercedes Owner. Gone are the days of going to your local dealer and buying a set of Mb Club Pedals. The below was seen yesterday. Comments are welcome :D:devil: Is that not so Aandy ;);)
  13. MBManInKen

    Slump hits Bentley car production

  14. Meldrew2

    French in Hits

    The radio is playing "Sunday Girl" by Blondie. It has a verse or so that she sings in French. Bill Wyman "Je Suis Un Rock Star" also springs to mind. Can anyone think of any others? (and is this off-topic enough ?) :bannana:
  15. Satch

    Guantanamo Greatest Hits

    Barbarians! White America - Eminem Barney The Dinosaur theme Enter Sandman - Metallica Meow Mix advert theme Sesame Street theme Babylon - David Gray Stayin' Alive- The Bee Gees American Pie - Don McLean Dirrty - Christina Aguilera http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7495175.stm
  16. 230K

    230K hits 280K

    Here we go folks, 300K is on the horizon. Off to Paris (Parc Asterix)in the car on Friday night via Stranraer, Dover, Calais. Then from Paris up into Belguim and onto Duinrell in Wasenaar in Holland then back next Saturday. Gluten for punishment i know. All for the kids. Hope car makes it...
  17. BTB 500

    93 year old driver hits two Porsches while parking Fiesta

    Another "parking mishap" http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/7347339.stm Lucky it was just parked cars and not people.
  18. 230K

    230K Hits 270K

    Hi all She turned over 270,000 miles this morning at 70 mph again. see previous posts too.:bannana: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=38496 Here goes 230K
  19. 230K

    230K hits 250K

    Hey Here we go i have made it to 250K, is she done? half done? or a quarter done??:o Anyway here goes and a comparison post of the 230K, 210K and 200K milestones. http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=28893 http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=19224...
  20. H

    Congestion Charge Hits Petrol Cars

    Here are a couple of important points:- 1. Mayor Livingstone has announced that there will be a £25 congestion charge in London on 'gas-guzzlers' from 2009, while the standard charge will be £8. 2. BUT NOTE it is levied only on cars in the highest CO2 emissions band which is band G. 3. NOTE...
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