1. M.A.94

    Hitting a bump really hard (one off)

    So today on my way home I had an embracing encounter with a very big speed bump. I normally look out for bumps and pot holes and always aim to swerve away from them of its safe to do so. This one caught me off guard it was a dark road and I missed it. Anyways I was driving pretty fast and...
  2. Pete W

    Flat spotted wheels after hitting a pothole

    As per title Car was in MB today and they say I have flat spotted both wheels on the passenger side and they need replacing. Thing is the car drives fine no vibrations. Can these be repaired or am I looking at new rims even though I can not feel any problems/vibrations through steering etc.
  3. U

    CL500 ABC light flashes red on hitting bumps

    So I recently bought a CL500 without knowing any of the related issues to look out for such as the ABC system, the car looked and felt great so I bought it but after driving for several days I heard the computer beep at me after hitting bumps but nothing was ever displayed on the dash or at...
  4. T

    wing mirrors hitting bodywork

    I have searched the forum for a solution but can only find people with the issue and no conclusion. :doh: My W164 NS wing mirror hits the bodywork (top of door) when it folds in where as there is clearance of about 3-5mm on the OS. People talk of needing new motor tracks, new frames etc...
  5. J

    Northern Ireland Road Safety Adverts (Hard Hitting) Pardon the pun

    This is a few videos of our Road Safety campaign here in Northern ireland. Hopefully some of you take it on board and take abit more care when driving. Most mainlanders are shocked when they see these. So please be advised. And take care of yourselfs and others on the roads jaTmf3B9xVg...
  6. shaunk_22

    C124 osf wheel hitting the arch on full lock

    I've just bought a C124 and noticed the osf wing has been pushed out at the arch because the wheels is hitting it, the tyre has been cut and has chunks out of it aswell, what could this be? A probelm with the shock maybe? its on high profile tyres on 15inch standard alloys.
  7. stwat

    Drivers side wiper hitting A post W126

    The drivers side wiper is hitting the rubber seal between the windscreen and the A post on my S Class. I have moved it back a few notches on the motor splines but it is still doing it. It gets annoying after a while :wallbash: Does anyone have any info or tips to help cure this? Thanks, Stu
  8. cazyp

    C36 first problem.. hitting rev limiter and not changing up a gear

    Hi, hope someone can offer some advice. Tonight I floored the throttle as I have just a few times since owning the C36. All other times the gearbox kicked down, the revs climbed hard and then changed up a gear at around 7000rpm. Excellent. Tonight it kicked down and climbed hard as before but...
  9. J

    Can you get arrested for hitting a bridge?

    A12 reopens after 11-mile tailbacks - East Anglian Daily Times Inconvenient others with 11 miles of tailback, should be banned from the road for life.:wallbash:
  10. buccal

    Big hitting SL

    Bet it packs a punch (sorry) http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C82454/
  11. R

    hitting speed bumps

    I have a 94 w124 32ce amg it has a factory fit amg kit and 15"amg alloys with a lowered suspension (not sure if it it a factory fir or after market lowered suspension)i would like to re raise suspension and fit 18"amg alloys to stop scrapping is this the right course of action what would you...
  12. R

    Hitting the rev limiter with an auto box

    I've noticed this happening a couple of times recently, I've hit the rev limiter even though the auto box is in D, and I haven't used the tiptronic. Each time its happened I've been slowing down at a junction or roundabout, then seen it was clear and put my foot down. The car kicks down into...
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