1. legonutter

    hmm well thats not good!

    hi guys im a 21 year old with my first Mercedes (a 2001 C270 CDI AVANTGARDE) shes a rolling project car and im looking forward to tapping this wealth of knowledge so i can reinstate a beautiful car to her former tire slaying glory! :bannana:
  2. P

    Hmm 13.5v running, should that be 14+?

    Hi, On my W220 S500 a few strange things have been happening, hopefully nothing too serious. I have been sitting in the car for the past few days, radio on, oiling the sun roof track and generally figuring out this "new to me" car. I did remove the command unit to install a tape adapter...
  3. whizzkid11

    Similar to S-Class ... hmm

    Even the dark side commands more respect than this!!
  4. G

    Hmm - Bought WIS off eBay....

    Hi All, Bought a copy of WIS from ebay to help me out a little - Although I can get WIS to install. EPC will not work at all...comes up with CRC errors. Anyone know of any software utility to correct CRC problems?
  5. EDZ649

    AMG bodykit? Hmm, I think not!

    What is it with some people?? mercedes e class with amg wheels and bodykit. on eBay (end time 09-Jun-10 00:38:27 BST)
  6. DSLiverpool

    Hmm Dilemma Pre Collection SL320

    Cars getting inspected today by RAC, will collect on tues but it needs a A service. No problem with that BUT it needs (in order to maintain the MB service history) Park brake test Flex coupling adjust and test Fuel / air filters Brake fluid change Sparkies as well as the A service Quoted...
  7. Flyer

    Hmm, cake ...

    Thorax Cake ... lovely :D
  8. B

    C-Class with full AMG Spec.... hmm...

    well, this is the one that got past AMG....! unusal set of AMG alloys on it, with AMG wing mirrors, and boot spoiler... :crazy:
  9. O

    Hmm not convinced by George Fraser

    Having taken my car in on the 20th June they seem to hold the car for serveral days, basically until the 28th June after which they had seemed to have done none of the work. I am slightly dissapointed by the lack of information available, and I was told someone would ring me back serveral...
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